Days between ER and ET


I’m going through my first cycle of IVF, and ER is going to happen this weekend(not sure which day). At this point I don’t know when ET is. I’m sure there’s going to be many different answers to my question but I’ll ask anyway. In terms of “activity”, did your RE put you on any restrictions following ER, or just ET?

My job requires me to walk approx. 10km/day, so I’m not sure how much time to take off. I do have next week booked off, but I don’t know if I should work the days leading up to the ET, then take more days off following.


I think it all depends on how many eggs they retrieve, and how well you are doing.

For me, I rested the day of retrieval & several days after as I was in quite a lot of pain (cramps) whenever I walked, went to the toilet, sneeze or laughed. By day 3 I could walk more upright although it was slow going, and in day 4 I walked a 5km fun run in 1.5hrs. It still hurt to sneeze & laugh, but I took it gently.

Having said that, there were several people in the may IVF group that went out to lunch & had no problems moving around after the transfer.

Hope that helps some

Good luck with ER & ET :babydust: