days post ovulation??


Do you start counting dpo from the time of the trigger shot or from the day of the IUI? I was counting from the IUI, but I just realized that the nurse counted from the trigger.


My RE and from what i can tell everyone else counts IUI day at 0dpIUI. The day after IUI would be 1 day post IUI. The day of trigger isn’t ovulation. The way i do it is 1dpIUI/3dptrigger or how many ever days your trigger was compared to your IUI.


That’s what I thought too. Last cycle I questioned whether it was a problem that cd1 began 9dpo and the nurse told me that I was 11 dpo and that was okay. Didn’t seem right to me. I think AF is about to visit so I was checking the dpo for this cycle.


Yeah, I agree with what missingmy said. You can’t begin to count past ovulation until you’ve ovulated. And, when you trigger, you haven’t ovulated yet. Usually that will occur 36 hours after trigger. So, if your nurse is counting the trigger and not past the IUI, that does seem wrong. I would ask the RE.