DE and Blighted Ovum


Question, I did a DE cycle in October and transfered 2 day 5 blasts graded 4AA and at 6 weeks 2 days I had an ultrasound and nothing was in the sac. Then I had a repeat ultrasound at 7 weeks 4 days and still nothing in the sac so I was instructed to stop all meds to have a natural miscarriage.

My question is, has this happened to any of you? Is it normal that I had a Blighted Ovum with DE?

If anyone can share there experiences that would be greatly appreciated, I’m so devistated. I’m begining to wonder if it’s me and we’re just missing something…



I had a miscarriage (arrested at 6 weeks) with my fresh DE transfer, a chemical with DE FET and a BFN with DE FET - all single transfers. I worry a lot too but I just have to remind myself this is a numbers game and it’s still very possible that I have some healthy embryos in there.


Thanks Sassymollassy! Wishing you all the best for FET #3. May I ask if you used a proven donor or a non proven donor? Mine was a proven donor, which for me made me really think it was/is totally me. :frowning:


Not a proven donor, just my little sister. I constantly waffle back and forth between wondering if it’s me or if it’s her, I can’t help it. But LOGIC (and my RE) says there’s no reason for it to be either of them. Fertile women have miscarriages too. Just got to get the right one!


Yeah I’m thinking the same thing and so does my RE so I guess I just have to chalk it up to bad luck. At least I have 19 5 day frosties so not all hope is lost. Thanks again for chatting with me. :slight_smile: