DE IVF - implantation bleeding


Hi, ladies! Hope there are still some of you hanging on here – lol. We’re currently passing DE IVF in Ukrainian Biotexcom. We were super lucky to get BFP 2 weeks ago (I’ve also posted on another thread). Women often discuss the signs of implantation bleeding after IVF process. Some have it red or reddish, others experience only pinky spotting. I’d like to share how implantation bleeding occurred to me.
It was a scanty discharge, much lighter than regular menstruation flow. So the word “bleeding” here is rather relative - lol. In reality I just spotted just 1-2 bloody drops on my panty liner. My discharge was pinkish or even yellowish with a few bloody streaks. Also I felt cramps of uterine muscles. I guess it caused that slight pulling pains in the lower abdomen. I had it day 5 for almost 4 hours. Hope this helps to put somebody at ease. Take care, ladies and good luck. Also share your experience with that. X\Users\3E47~1\AppData\Local\Temp\msohtmlclip1\01\clip_image001.gif


hi once again. i should have read all your threads before posting :smiley:
now I know it’s your bfp and - CONGRATS! I’m so happy ED worked for you. our twin baby boys were also conceived from donor eggs, however in my case - carried and delivered by a surrogate. my bunch of conditions made me infertile :confused: doubled with hormonal issues.
Good luck to you and your little pea.
I hope you feel well.
How’s your pregnancy going on? what week are you now?


Hi, Kim! It’s so nice to hear that! Congratulations with your boys :slight_smile:
While 2ww I was pretty similar, no real symptoms apart from cramping… But in about 4 weeks the symptoms hit me. I got to know all about it!!!
The tiredness and nausea you get then is something else. Some women never get symptoms and each pregnancy is different. But this seems to be not my case – ha! Moreover we don’t have long to wait for the scan. Of course it’s difficult to relax during pregnancy. I go from milestone to milestone. It definitely gets a little easier as we progress. Another step – safety stage. But still irrational thoughts do seem to creep in along the way. I’m trying to stay busy and take good care of my baby and myself.
You’ve told you experienced surrogacy. Where did you go for the treatment?


I was pregnant three times, all ending up in mc, unfortunately. The first one occurred when I was just 29 (another father). Then new marriage, ttc no result. Shifted to assisted reproduction. Two of four ivf circles –bfn, two - mc. One de ivf attempt in Greece – bfn. It was a despair and I never thought my babies would be carried and delivered by another lady, but it happened to be our last choice and it worked. You know, I posted in your threads just because I’ve noticed that we used same clinic. We also went to biotexcom, Ukraine. We travelled to Kyiv 4 times in 2014-2015. Gorgeous city and very welcoming people. Btw, was it from the first attempt of de ivf, your bfp?


Oh, hun, I’m sorry about your m/cs :frowning: Three is too many!! Thankfully they are the thing from the past…You’re a great worrier, I’m just proud of you. We all would like to have quick results but unfortunately it happens rarely to conceive with the very first attempt. We had 2 failed ivf shots with OE in UK. Then decided to go abroad not to pay out of the pocket as there turned lately to be also the money matter…And did right. We used 2 att. to conceive with donor eggs. And with my medical history, PCOS and blocked fallopian tubes I believe this is the super result we weren’t even expecting.
Thank you for answering, this is nice to meet co-thinkers :wink: Tell me more about your treatment. I have absolutely nothing to regret about using Biotexcom. This is a nice place to go with. Any memorable moments? Hugs X


hi ladies. i see you suffered a lot on your way to parenting. my first child was conceived and delivered naturally. at that time, it was hard for me to realize how bendy the way to mothering may be for some women. hopefully, all is well that ends well. your treatment worked and all despairs of the past are left behind. i joined to this club of infertile just in a blink of an eye. i never thought my life will give me such a testing. but we never know what happens tomorrow. hopefully, there are clinics and talented doctors who help treating even the most helpless cases of infertility.
i’ll be waiting for your updates.
me too. i’ll inform you if any news.