Dealing with fibroids


Hi, girls! Just had to drop in and say how strongly concerned we should be about fibroids if having some. A friend of mine have had loads of problems with them. In some cases, docs may recommend them as a temporary treatment for women who are nearing the menopause. (When fibroids should begin to shrink naturally). The procedures are pretty tough and challenging I even haven’t known about it before! The main treatments for fibroids are:
Myomectomy – removing fibroids individually, leaving the womb intact.
Hysterectomy – removing the womb entirely. Not a good perspective!
Uterine artery embolisation - blocking the blood supply to the fibroids. For my dear girl it was myomectomy, leaving more chances for natural conceiving. But she’s still blaming herself she didn’t paid much attention to it from the beginning. By the way, I happened to come across another post saying fibroids may turn into cancer if not treated. As for the last I’m not sure this might be, but, anyway, we have to take good care of ourselves, lovelies! Best of wishes X