Dec 2ww


How is everyone doing who is in there 2ww? Any symptoms you’d like to share! I really enjoy these boards. I am 4dpo and think I’m losing my mind!:cross:


Steps to help along the 2ww

I found this from another site and it contains great info for us!:bsv:
Tips to Staying Sane During the 2ww

Many patients undergoing fertility treatments feel that the time
between treatment and the pregnancy test can be very stressful. Rest
assured you are not alone! Although the physical work is now
complete, waiting to know if the treatment is successful is often the
most emotionally tense period.

  1. Once your IUI or embryo transfer has taken place, there is nothing
    that you can or cannot do to influence the outcome. It is out of your
    control. Feelings of pessimism don’t change the outcome, getting
    angry at someone won’t change the outcome, and bouncing off the walls
    won’t change the outcome. You get the idea; don’t worry about your
    potential mood swings, feelings of irritability, jealousy, anxiety,
    etc., because, although they may not be pleasant to
    experience, they have no impact on any potential pregnancy. You are
    officially off the hook.

  2. One of the biggest myths in IVF or other fertility treatments is
    that embryos can “fall out”. If the uterus was like a balloon, this
    would make sense. However, the uterus is not hollow like the balloon
    and in fact, embryos, once in the uterus, don’t fall out. So if you
    drive over a pothole, go to the bathroom, jump over a puddle, etc.,
    this will have no impact on the success of the cycle.

  3. If you are taking progesterone (for example, Crinone®) it may
    cause all, sorts of confusing symptoms. You may feel tired, bloated,
    nauseous and you may note soreness in your breasts, all of which can
    be signs of an early pregnancy. During the waiting period, try your
    best to not focus on these symptoms. Many women have no symptoms at
    all and end up with a healthy pregnancy, and some report many
    symptoms that are related to side effects of the progesterone or some
    other hormone. You may even experience vaginal bleeding - this does
    not exclude pregnancy. For this reason, everyone needs to come for a
    pregnancy test. And remember that if you constantly squeeze and poke
    your breasts to assess their soreness, they will get sore!

  4. Waiting for the pregnancy test can feel like a long time
    especially when you consider all the effort you have already put in
    for this cycle. Don’t wake up tomorrow morning and think, "how am I
    going to get through the next few days?"
    Wake up tomorrow morning and say to yourself “what can I do today to
    distract myself, pamper myself, and make the time go faster?” If you
    do this on a daily basis, the time will go more quickly.

  5. Be picky with the people you spend time with! Feel free to avoid
    the unsympathetic friends, the overly fertile friends, and
    the “takers” instead of the “givers”. Plan to see those who entertain
    you, nurture you, and distract you. If you need an official excuse,
    you can consider yourself under doctor’s orders to avoid baby showers.

  6. Screen your phone calls! If you have told a number of people that
    you are undergoing fertility treatments, then you may be inundated
    with frequent phone calls. If this starts to get to you, appoint a
    spokesperson for yourself (sister, best friend, etc.). Tell the
    people in your lives to call your spokesperson and if/when there is
    good news to share, you will be sure to be in touch.

  7. Make a date with your partner for the night of your pregnancy
    test. If it is positive, you can drink lots of nonalcoholic
    champagne. If it is negative, it gives you the time to be together,
    mourn away from family and friends, and plan together the next step.

  8. Although it can be hard, try to balance the fine line between your
    state of mind and reality. There is no right way to feel. For some,
    it is much easier to cope with the days of waiting by feeling hopeful
    and optimistic; for others it feels more comfortable to protect
    themselves by feeling pessimistic. One way to make it easier for all
    coping styles is to have a “plan B” - the “what if the
    treatment cycle fails” plan. Whatever you’re feeling and thoughts
    after a treatment, make sure that you have an appointment for a
    consultation with your doctor.

  9. Remember that your physician and nursing team are available to you
    during this waiting time. If you have questions or concerns, don’t
    sit at home and stew. Call! They are not only concerned about the
    medical aspects of your fertility treatment; they care about how you
    are feeling and want to help you cope in the best way possible.


This is the best advice I’ve heard for the 2ww and it’s put really well. All of the things listed here really helped me during my 2wws and I highly recommend everybody tries to keep these things in mind! In the meantime, good luck to everybody waiting theirs out right now! :babydust: :cross:


Hello Mcwaxler,

In forum section of IUI …you can find more support over there… Good luck to you…sending you:babydust: :babydust:


The 2ww is killing me! I can test on Sunday and I swear time is standing still. Of course I totally feel pregnant because of the hormones and the progesterone… Kind of a cruel trick really. I wish I could sleep until Sunday.



I am using the clearblus easy digital and according to my RE I cannot test until the 17th at the earliest! The days are dragging. I am finding all’s I wanna do is sleep and eat! Keeping my :cross: for all of us!:bsv: And I have really sore boobs! Hoping it’s a sign, I did test this morning and it was negative but that just means that the hcg shot is out of my system yay!


I hear you mcwaxler… I’m not supposed to test until tomorrow but of course I can’t have an hot in the house without wasting it. I tested yesterday and it was neg (ok, ovidrel is out), tortured myself again this morning and negative again… 9dpo.

I’m wondering if there’s still a chance it could be positive tomorrow. :cross: :cross: :cross:

There may have been a REALLY faint line this morning… Or it may have been my imagination. I continue to be amazed at how my mind plays tricks on my eyes every month. I mean, I can actually wish myself into seeing things. Ugh. :grr: