December 2013 IUI Buddies


I know it’s a little early to start this thread, but I thought it might be nice for others who are skipping November, but trying in December. I am definitely in that group. It was difficult to come up with funds to do IUI this month, but I have them for next (thank god!).
About me: I tried a 6 month stint of Clomid in 2011, which didn’t work at all. Then last month I had my first IUI cycle with injectible medications. My body responded really well to the medications. So, I’m hopeful.My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for 6 years. We are so ready to be parents! :slight_smile:


Hi Fae, I will be joining you with a December IUI hopefully. My cycle in Nov was cancelled due to thin lining of 5.4mm from Clomid. We are going to try Clomid along with Gonal-F on this next cycle to hopefully thicken up my lining. It sounds like injectibles are the way to go. I have seen many BFP’s with them. Best of luck to you!!


I will be joining you also! Can’t wait for some Christmas bfps ladies!!


Hello everyone!
Planning my next try for December as well. Had an appt. with RE today to discuss my past cycles, most of which ended up being cancelled due to not responding to meds. She is reluctant to move to injectibles because my AMH was 7.33 last time it was tested in January and she is concerned that I might respond a little too well to follicism and end up with too many follicles. The idea of multiples makes me nervous, I’m hoping for 1 healthy baby. So, we decided to try another cycle with pills. I had some response to 5mg of Letrozole, so we will increase it to 7.5 for next cycle.


Hopeforthebest- Have you asked if you do a very low level for injectibles? The lower the level, the less likely you will become hyperstimulated and they do work better than the pills. I’ll be doing my second round, but my AMH was .9, which is very low for my age. It’s supposedly comparable to a woman in her mid 40’s. Thankfully, the injections seem to work well with my body, but still no pregnancy. :frowning: I’m excited for December! I wouldn’t have skipped November if I didn’t have to save up money. :frowning:


Fae - I wish my RE would do a combination of pills and injectibles. I’ve seen a few ladies on this board take either clomid or letrozole and add a few days of injectibles to give the follicles a boost. My Re’s office does either one or the other. If I went with injectibles it would be 8-12 days of shots. She did say they would start me very slow at 125 of follistim and monitor very carefully, but she really preferred to try with a higher does of pills one more time, so I agreed. I’m also asking to have my AMH retested went they do the CD3 b/w in December. I know it shouldn’t have changed by much in less then a year, but I’m wondering if it was done correctly the first time. It’s hard to understand why I’m having such a poor response if my AMH is really that high. I’m skipping this month because I need a break both emotionally and financially. Sometimes I feel bad about it because I know time is of the essence with fertility treatments, but I need a bit of time to relax and think of other things besides monitoring and test results. I hope December will be the lucky month for all of us.


Is everyone gearing up for December? My AF should be here within the next few days, which means early December is probably when they will do my IUI. According the calculations, I would have it close to December 3rd or 4th. So, for once I’m anxious for AF to show up. LOL We didn’t try at all this month. So, I know I’m not pregnant and I really want to start on my next IUI cycle already! Ugh! This will be my 2nd IUI, but the first IUI was done exactly one week after AF showed up. Next month, during the 2WW, I’m planning to actually design some journals. Including pregnancy, baby and even a fertility journal for people like us to keep track of everything. Once I’m done, I decided I am going to donate most of my royalties to charities that help other women like us, who have fertility problems and have trouble affording treatment. :slight_smile: I thought it would be a good way to deal with the craziness and I create professional journals in my downtime. I’m a cover artist & an author. So, I actually do graphics that are on fiction books and have a whole line of journals. :slight_smile: What does everyone think? Whether I manage to get pregnant or not, knowing women like all of you are out there too… I feel like it’s something I need to do. Plus, I’m in a unique position to do it. So, if any of you know of great charities that help people like us, let me know! :slight_smile: I’ll check them out and get in contact.


Well ladies I am not going to be joining you in December :(. I have to have a surgery so I will not be trying again until January. I am still going to be following you and praying December is your magic month!!!


Well I’m not sure if this is the right place or I should go in Novembers iui I had my iui last thurs and we find out dec 6th if we are pregnant I had 3 follicles in my rt side all 2.2 or over and one in my left which mg left side is closed this is my third iui my husbands count. Was 39 million processed I’m nervous a we were not able to do what we are supposed to do after because this time was very painful and it hurt was to much I hope this works but she said that there was no spillage this time usually there is so I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for the best but it seems like this will never happen for me I didn’t think that this wa going tj be as hard as it has been the surgery a and tests any woman who has gone threw what we all have definitely understands and I’m tired if watching people around me getting pregnant and ten callin me an telling me they are having twins I’m sorry but I feel as this is slipping away from me quickly am I crazy maybe the meds are doing this to me idk desperately seeking someone to talk to that has been through this and I have been doing this for 4 yrs a total of 7 iuis


Well, not sure if I post here or wait until there is a January IUI. My cycle starts late so I will begin the meds and treatments at the end of December for an IUI in early January. This is my first ever IUI and I am very nervous. Any advice would be appreciated!


Hi Ladies! It looks like I will be joining you for December. I am on CD4 and had my baseline today. We will be doing Letrozole again this cycle. Fae- it looks like our dates are pretty close to each other! What medication are you doing this cycle? BabyPrayers- I’m sorry. That’s so hard to miss cycles. Movalentin- this is a great place for support! Don’t lose hope just keep pushing forward!!! Crvnamanda- yay! Your first iui!! Don’t be nervous at all. I remember getting myself all worked up for nothing my first iui. They are easy and not painful!


Lucky One- I had my baseline 4 days ago. So, we are very close. :slight_smile: I am taking injectibles; Follistim, Ganirelix, Pregnyl & Crinone. This is my 2nd IUI. I had my 2nd appointment today and I have some follicles growing. My right side only has one, but it’s the largest so far, at 12.49. The left side has 4-5 growing, but they are all 8-12 in size. I’m just glad that they seem to be growing. My lining is only at 6.53 right now though.


Fae- your so lucky, I’m so jealous because my doctor won’t let me do injectables yet. Your follies look good! I start my Letrozole today. Last month crushed me, I really hope this month is better.


Lucky One- I did 6 months of Clomid, but it didn’t have any affect on me. The injectibles seem to be much better though! :slight_smile: I have another appt in the morning and REALLY hope that my follicles are much bigger. :slight_smile:


Has anyone else started their December cycle yet? I had another appointment today and my largest follicle is at 15.16 with a few that range between 9.83 and 14.1. My lining still isn’t quite there yet. So, I still have at least another 4 days before my IUI. Next appointment is on Wednesday. It feels like my follicles are taking much longer to grow this time around. :frowning:


AF came last night, which makes today CD1. After taking November off, I’m ready to get this IUI cycle started.
LuckyOne - I will be doing a letrozole cycle as well. Re is bumping me up to 7.5mg this month, since smaller doses did not do anything for me. She is reluctant to start me on injectibles, so I’m trying the highest dose to see if it will get me a mature follicle or two.
Fae - Your follicles are doing great. I know you want them to grow asap, but it’s good that you have several close in size, you should end up with several mature ones in a few days.


Hey, Hey, Hey Ladies!! This is my first IUI. Started Femera on Thanksgiving. Have my ultrasound coming up on Saturday and insemination on Monday. Had a rough couple of months with two failed FETs. No more frozen embryos left 😞. Really wanting to build onto our family - we had success with our fresh cycle IVF. We have MF issues (sperm lacks binding factor - need an 80% to pass, DH has 74%). Also, I have antipaternal antibodies and have to take an aspirin/lovenox regimen. I wish you all the best of luck! What a Christmas gift a Pregnancy would be!!


Also, Fae, there is a woman who just started up a scholarship foundation for infertiles. I cycled with her on my first IVF. It’s called AGC Scholarship Foundation. She is having a fundraiser next year and Bill Rancic is the speaker! Her blog was published into a book and came out last month. Her and her husband moved onto adoption (while still pursuing fertility treatments) and were chosen by a birth mother rather quickly. Aprill went on to conceive naturally, as they were always diagnosed with unexplained infertility. Anyway, lol, I thought you might look into her foundation for your journals.


Fae- your follies look good so far. Hopefully they are taking their time so they can be the best they can be! HopefortheBest- hopefully if this month doesn’t work, I can move to injectables. But for now I am praying the Letrozole works for us both! Knoy- it looks like we are having the IUI on the same day. I am having mine on Monday and Tuesday (back to back). Which means I get to test Christmas Eve. I really hope we get our Christmas babies this month! I have a question for all of you ladies- After your IUI procedure, do you relax all day and lay down or do you go to work. I am very lucky and have the ability to work from home, so I usually relax at home laying down a lot after my IUI. But this month we are so busy at work and its important for me to be in the office. I am just nervous because I have it in my head that I need to be relaxing. However, its just not possible this month. I was hoping you girls could give me comfort that its okay I will be going to work. I have a very laid back job, so I know it shouldn’t matter, but it still makes me feel like I am doing something wrong. Thoughts anyone??


Joining you ladies here for iui cycle #4. I start my femara tmw. Here we go again… Hoping for a really great Christmas gift for this year. Hopefully a few of us in here will get some BFPs this month. Fingers crossed for some December positives :slight_smile: