December 2013 or January 2014 FET


I know it’s early, but I’m already scheduled to have FET in late December or early January. I’m currently cycling for ER and on day 4 of Stims. Looking for cycle buddies. A little about me, and sorry haven’t been able to get my signature to work. Me: 35 tubes tied twice!!! DH: 32 perfect DD: born in 1997 naturally DS: born in 2002 naturally Had tubes tied Surprise! DD: born 2004 early at 33 weeks, spent a month in the NICU. Had tubes tied again Divorced my jerk of a husband 2011 married my Prince Charming, no biological kiddos of his own. We want one together. Only way is IVF


I am hoping to have my FET in the first couple weeks of December. I have had quite a few complications lately–including my husband changing his mind about even doing it several times. I am keeping my fingers crossed that everything will work out and we’ll stay on track. I have my Plan of Care appointment on Nov. 6 to get my calendar and get everything squared away with meds (I already have most everything I need as I ordered refills just days before finding out I had lost my last pregnancy). I am hoping for the best and could really use some support as I try to get everything worked out. I have 1 low-quality blast left so really hoping it’s the one! It’s been a rough year and I’m hoping to end it with something positive! Good luck to all!!


Thanks for joining Bean! I’m glad that you guys decided to go ahead and do it. My friend had only one low grade embryo with her IVF and just gave birth to her beautiful little girl! I’m hoping it goes the same for you. I just had my egg retrieval today. 7 eggs. I feel like the number is really low, but hopefully they are 7 great eggs. Fertilization report tomorrow, freeze all on day 3 for transfer at the end of December or beginning of January. All pending on my shark week… Good luck to you!


Hi ladies! Trying to navigate the site after being away since early spring and coming back to lots of changes! We’re gearing up for a FET cycle next month…transfer would be around 12/10 if all goes well. Went through our fresh cycle in January and our frozen in March - both BFN. I have a sonohystogram (I think) on Tuesday so hopefully that looks good.


Welcome! December will be here before you know it! Good luck with all going on!


Well, fertilization report came back. Out of my 7 eggs 5 of them fertilized using ICSI. Now waiting to see how they grow and freeze… This is all so nerve wracking!


Hi ladies! I hope I can join you! Firefighterwifey, I cycled with you in January! I was a BFN as well. So here’s my story: January 2013 IVF #1, 14 retrieved, 12 mature, 5 fertilized with ICSI, transferred 2 day 3, none to freeze, BFN. April 2013 IVF #2, 12 retrieved, 8 mature, 7 fertilized with ICSI, transferred 2 day 3, 1 frozen, BFP. At 7w u/s one baby and beautiful heartbeat, at 9w ultrasound, had grown 12 days but no heartbeat. Misoprostol miscarriage lasting almost 6 weeks (4 doses). I was told it was probably chromosomal and decided I was too scared to transfer the frozen so we were going to do another fresh cycle and use CGH pgd. September 2013 IVF #3, 30 eggs retrieved, 23 mature, 17 fertilized with ICSI, 17 tested with 5 normal embryos resulting, transferred 2 on day 5, froze 3. One week after transfer I had heavy red bleeding, got a squinter on FRER, followed by a not pregnant on the digital version. I was told to wait a few days it was too soon and continue with the prometrium. 3 days later I gave up and so did my clinic. On the day scheduled for my beta, I had my WTF appointment instead. Planned to start preparing for an FET in November. Started taking bcp, and went to a med teaching for Lupron and estradiol valtrate IM shots. A week before starting the Lupron, I had spotting and pain in my left side. Figured it was cysts rupturing and the spotting was from the BCPs. The next day the pain was constant. I started googling symptoms and came up with ectopic. I ran out and bought FRER and I was indeed pregnant. My clinic never had be do the beta, just took my word. It was a Sunday and no one was at the clinic, the emergency line I called told me to wait to talk to my clinic the next day, or to go to an ER. I went to the ER, and I was in fact pregnant but my levels were too low for an ultrasound, I was released and told to follow up with my clinic. They sent me for another beta, levels were dropping. Went in the next day for a scan. They tried to act like I got pregnant on my own in 2 weeks. The scan showed an empty womb, but upon further prodding we saw my left tube with a sac in it. Ectopic! Had 2 shots of methotrexate let the fun begin. I am not allowed to get pregnant for 2 months. I will be doing 2 months of bcps, and then call with the 2nd period to get my calendar. I am expecting my transfer to be sometime between the 2nd and 3rd week of January. I look forward to sharing this experience with all of you and I really hope this is a super successful cycle for all of us.


Manic777- I remember your story on the other thread. I’m not in this thread, but I want to wish you luck! You’ve been through a lot but you’re such a strong person and inspiration! I know your baby is coming soon =)


Hi ladies, I will be joining you with a January FET. I chose to go the embryo donation route, since I am single using ds and my eggs are old :slight_smile: This will be my last go at it. Fingers and toes crossed.


Goodness! I have been trying to post over the past week and just can’t?! I’ve scanned the forums looking for an answer and am trying it this way … hopefully it works! Mannic - I’m so sorry to hear of everything you’ve been dealing with this year. You’re amazing for sticking with it and pushing forward. I had to take a break after the failed fresh cycle in January and failed FET in March … it was all just wearing on me. We had talked about starting up again in July, but I just couldn’t do it. Ugh. We took the past couple months to sell our old home and purchase a new one, get all settled, and now we’re diving in. I hope this is IT for both of us!


Firefighterwifey: congrats on the new house! We have been planning on relocating for awhile, but we own a restaurant and have student housing. We put the business and building up for sale this summer. The day I was convince round 3 didn’t work, was the day we found out we were getting an offer on both. I convinced myself it was okay, I just couldn’t handle that much good news at once. Then everything started moving along and they want to close by mid December. So that’s why I was rushing right into the FET, we are moving from Pennsylvania to Florida, and knowing I have 3 normal embryos here I can’t leave them behind. So the ectopic really threw our plans off by me now having to wait 2 months. So we are delaying the house selling process until then as well. My dilemma is do I transfer 2 or all 3. My RE said it was completely up to me.


Manic, I say go all 3! Do the 2ww and see what happens. Then settle in and move once you are released to OB, which I know you will be! Finally able to post on the site! Hopefully everyone is doing well. AFM, our first appointment for our next step is November 20th. We have 5 frost babies. 4 of good quality and one of fair quality. Waiting for AF. Hopefully ET around January 10th or sooner.


We were kind of waiting around to see how all this IVF stuff played out before we made a move on the house situation … then I just got so fed up with living our life on hold, we just went for it! We randomly found our dream house on 6 acres (we have 3 big dogs, so we needed more space) … the house is too big for us, so we need some babies!! :slight_smile:


What does your heart tell you about how many to transfer, Mannic? We’re facing the same dilemma as far as transferring 1 or 2. I have a unicornuate uterus, so carrying two is pretty much out of the question (they’re concerned about just one). We’ve transferred one with our last two cycles and I’m just feeling like we’re not giving ourselves the best chance at conceiving. I’m so torn. Ugh.


Got my calendar today! Now, as long as DH stays on board (which has become an issue for us lately due to the stress of the whole infertility thing) I will have my baseline on November 21. I will then start baby aspirin and estradiol valerate the following day, November 22. My protocol has Tuesday/Friday PM administration of estradiol valerate (.15ml), daily baby aspirin, PIO (2ml) 5 days before ET, Doxycycline & Medrol 2 times a day 3 days before ET and day of transfer. I will then add daily Progesterone suppositories the day of transfer. It is actually no different than my last transfer which did get me a BFP, but ended in miscarriage most likely due to a growth (adenomyosis: a mass of endo) I had removed from my uterus in June. I am just coming off a 3 month cycle of depot Lupron so I’m not taking an birth control pills but I have been on estrace (1mg) to combat hot flashes. I stop taking it the day of transfer. Sounds like a lot to handle, but I got this! :slight_smile: If all goes well, I will have a Lucky, Friday the 13th transfer in December. I only have 1 low-quality embryo on ice, but staying positive that it WILL be the one! Good luck to all and can’t wait to hear about everyone and support you in your journey! I keep telling myself it’s a rough ride, but the end result will be WELL worth it. Now if I can just keep reminding myself of that! I NEED this and it WILL happen!! :slight_smile:


Kimykantalope: how many are you going to transfer? I feel like I should do all 3 as well. I know I’m abandoning my unknown frozen, but I feel terrible leaving my normals. It’s just the whole “putting all your eggs in one basket” dilemma. Besides every time I transfer 2, either 0 or 1 sticks. I’m totally okay with twins! After the CGH they asked if we wanted to know the sex, we were like no, just transfer 1 XX, 1 XY. They were like you don’t have that option they’re all the same, so we decided to not find out. When I went to my WTF appt, I was alone and told them I want to know! My husband still doesn’t know. So I wonder if my unknown is the wildcard and then I wonder if it’s normal. Bean4teacher: I really hope your husband can stay on board! This whole process can be so hard on a marriage. But the fact that you have your calendar makes is so much more real! firefighterwifey: 6 acres holy cow! You definitely need some babies! They’re coming for all of us!


Manic, we have 4 good on ice and 1 fair on ice. So we are planning to transfer 2. If neither stick we will do the rest next time. We only get the two chances with the one ER so it was the perfect amount. If your moving then you don’t want to go back for the embryos later. So just put them all in. Bean, super happy that you got your calendar. Hopefully the hubby gets excited as time grows closer. It’s going to be hard already as it is. But even harder and more stressful on your relationship if your not supportive of one another.


Bean4Teacher … we should be transferring right around the same time! I’m tentatively scheduled for December 11th.


I got my official FET date. December 17th! I get my entire schedule on November 20th but for now I’m back on BCP. I have never been so excited for shark week (AF). But when it came early I was so happy! It means we get to move forward sooner! We were thinking because of the holidays that we would have to wait until January, but a whole month early! Maybe we will have a Christmas surprise!


So I had a water ultrasound today and RE said everything looks perfect–even more so than when I first started this whole process–and optimal for our transfer next month. DH also straight up asked the probability of this last embie being the ONE. Because it is a low quality embie, we are being given an approximate 30% chance of it surviving thaw & becoming a viable pregnancy. Anyone else been given a percentage on their chances? RE also suggested that we “expect the worst” so I don’t get my hopes up too much as I had an EXTREMELY difficult time with my loss from the last transfer. Ugh! I know it’s the right perspective, but it’s so hard to go through this process and not put 100% into believing it will work. I’m quite sure he said it to us because my dh had also just told him that he wasn’t sure he could deal with me having another loss, as I was such a mess. Now I feel like I must have gone crazy for acting the way I did after losing a pregnancy after only a couple weeks. Why is it that most guys just can’t understand how much these things can affect us?! Or is it really just me?? Sorry…apparently I had to vent a bit…