December 2014 IVF


Hi Ladies,
I know a lot of clinics are closed this month, but is anyone trying for a Christmas miracle? I started injectables on 12/1 and just had ER. This our third IVF and we are trying for a sibling for DD (who came from IVF#1).


Hi BebeBebe,
I started injectibles on 12/2 and am having ER tomorrow. Like you we are trying for a sibling for our daughter. She was born from a fresh cycle in 2012. Since her brith I had two FET’s. The first was a chemical the second ended in an early miscarriage. So I am hoping this does the trick. I am 41 and we decided this would be our last try. Crossing my fingers for a New Year’s gift!!!


Hi Flybaby! Good luck today!! I hope you get a good count! We got our Day 3 report today and we have 4 embryos still in the running. Hoping at least one makes it to Day 5! We are in a similar position. We’ll probably try once more if this doesn’t work, but that’s it. I hope we both get lucky this time!


4 embies at day 3 is good. Hopefully one is your golden egg. I mis-spoke in my post my ER is tomorrow morning. I think I was already counting a day ahead because I am so ready to get to the end. I am feeling so uncomfortable so I am hoping that means I have lots of good eggs.


Wishing the best for you all!!


Thank you Clove for the well wishes. ER this morning and they retrieved 17 eggs. Crossing my fingers for a decent fert report tomorrow. I always make a decent amount of eggs but am hoping for good quality (just one good quality will do it). I feel way way more uncomfortable this time around after ER than I recall before, so lots of tylenol.


BeBe did you have your transfer today?


Flybaby - Wow! Lots of eggs - good job! How did the fert report go? Yes, I had ET today. We had 2 “BB” blasts to put in. 1 had arrested and another they are watching to see about freezing. I had a valium an hour before the procedure and it knocked me out. It made me so relaxed that I’ve been sleeping all day. How are you feeling after ER? I was very bloated. This time after ER was a little harder for me too. I think partly because they had stepped up the dosage a little because of my age. Hope you’re feeling ok and enjoying the window before ET. I’m going to miss my coffee tomorrow!


Congratulations on being PUPO. Now for the 2 week wait. When is your beta test? Do you think you will take a HPT before your beta?

I had a good fert report. They ICSI’d 12 and all 12 fertilized which is great because my DH has sucky sperm. He recently got on a health kick, upped his vitamin D and lost 25 pounds so maybe that helped. My RE does a 5 day transfer for any more than 2 embryos. As of today I had 6 growing “on target” and 1 or 2 that could potentially catch up so we are definitely shooting for a transfer on Sunday. I would be happy with one good looking blast but will certainly do a special dance for God and the universe should I be lucky to get anything more than 1. The progesterone always makes me sleepy which is tough. I am ashamed to say there is no way I can give up some coffee. Once I start stimming I switch to half caff. I never drink more than one cup a day and I don’t do chocolate or any other form of caffeine also my coffee is always half creme half coffee so my RE and GYN all said it is okay to do. I wish I could quit cold turkey but I think I would literally die. On the spot.


That sounds like a great number of eggs!! I don’t think the moderate coffee is a big deal. I drank one cup a day up through the transfer. And I’ll probably go back to that or tea if we get on track and the betas look good. I’m still debating on the HPT. Normally I definitely would, but I will be surrounded by family in close quarters and I won’t have any privacy if the news is bad. How about you? Do you have a 3-day report today? Sunday will be here before you know it!


I did get a 3 day report. My embryologist said I had 4 eight cell and “several” more that he was watching. I didn’t ask how many several meant but I am curious. I am ready for Sunday.
I will likely POAS this go around. I will not be working much after the holidays and I think the free time is going to kill me unless my DH keeps me busy. We are not traveling for the holidays.


I had my transfer on Sunday. 2 early blasts nothing to freeze. Lord this 2ww is going to be difficult.


Hi flybaby - how are you doing? 1 week down! I had my beta this morning and am waiting on the results. I did end up POASing and I got a VERY faint BFP starting at 6dp5dt. It stayed super faint for three days and then started to darken up. I’m hoping for a good beta number but a little nervous because I had a chemical last time and the numbers didn’t double properly. Have you started POASing? I know it’s still a little early. I hope you’re finding ways to distract yourself!!


Hi Bebe. Congratulations!!! It looks like you got great numbers on your beta!!! Totally happy for you. You give us old girls some hope. LOL>

I have POAS’d on 7dp5dt and today at 8dp5dt and I got a stark BFN both times. I am pretty sure this is a BFN for me unless I get a total surprise on beta day but I am not
hopeful about that. My beta is tomorrow morning.


Fx for a good surprise tomorrow!


No good surprises. BFN for me.


Flybaby, SO sorry to hear this! Sending lots of hugs. This process is so hard. I hope that the New Year brings peace and lots of joy with your DH and DD.