Definitely going for a DE/DS cycle (Fall 2013 thread)


Hello there!

I am not sure if it is worth trying a new thread here… since the one we have been using - IVF Cycle with DE II - is about to die ever since we had the site upgrade in Sept/2013.
Lots of people left and some seem to be lost here, still trying to find an active group to join in.

Also that thread has over [B]2530 [/B]pages, and messages since [B]July of 2009[/B]… not very easy to find our way around there and it seems to be very slow to get them uploaded to finally reach the page you are looking for, unfortunately.

I have been in different forums here, for different reasons, and I am hoping to stick with this fertility community and not have to deal with other online forums / social networks to share experiences and exchange important information regarding this great, sometimes very painful, long and so particular infertility journey - which results in bringing a baby home! Before I find my way out of here… I’d like to find a way to stay here… if possible.

If you are ready to share, have been here but a bit lost, and is willing to walk that extra mile with a group of people who cares and knows what you are going through then come and join us!
I am not sure this is going to 'take off" as I am hoping, but I am giving it a try for the sake of the ones who were / are left behind here since the upgrade and still looking for ways to get plugged in supportive conversations… and for the new comers looking for a more active group here!

Wishing the best to everyone and maybe we’ll be chatting here again!


I am more than willing to join! I am currently on birth control, and waiting for my embies to be created! It could be as little as a week from now, or as long as 4 weeks total, (which is now 3.5weeks). Then we will do lining prep and transfer! We are doing DE with my husband’s sperm! I am getting soooo impatient and excited to grow our family!!! I just hope and pray it works the first time!


I’m still lurking…although not much going on with the forum or with me at the moment. FB may be a little too public for me. I’ll be doing donor egg, probably frozen, in the hopefully near future.


I am in for the ride. This new site is more confusing than the new virus on The Walking Dead. (Inside joke). Well I no We are hustling for the last $2,500 towards our IVF Cancun vacation. Our flight leaves on Dec. 9th and being on bcp is strange, but we are moving along. We have did all the required test and everything looks fine. I am so excited about one of my friends who finally after 11 attempts is BFP!!! I never thought I would cry with joy and excitement from hearing such news from a another blogger. So excited. I guess I’m like that because we are blessed with 5 girls age 4 to 25 all natural and easy, so my desire for one more seems small. We are doing the Erison gender selection to try for a boy. I think they have a 70% success rate and 85% IVF with DE. Congrads to any BFP’s and baby dust to everyone else.


I’m not pushing FB, but one option a few ladies have done is to create a FB account with a screen name instead of their own. That way, they are able to participate while being completely anonymous. The group cannot be found through searching and members can only be added through other members or myself. I’ve been on this board since 2010 and hate to leave it…but with 2 babies and a busy life, I don’t have a minute to wait for each page to load.

I hope the new thread grows though! Best wishes to all of you new cyclers!


Hi all,

I am getting SOOOOO impatient waiting for my embryos to be created! I’m sick of the waiting game. I want this done with already! And I’m sooo scared it might not work the first time:(

Mamanas: I totally get your joke! I love the walking dead. I’m not sure how the “neighboring cell mates” did not hear that walker eating that man all night long! Ugh, its so gorry, but I love it!
Mywish: What was the problem with your lining? Too thin I presume? How thin was it? And when will your FET be? So who did you do DE through, and how many blasts do you have? Quality? Just curious. How many will you transfer?


Glad to see this is more active now… I sure miss the other ladies from earlier posts too.
I am about to get my u/s done next Tuesday, very excited and looking forward to!!
This will be my first OBGYN appoint… as I ‘graduated’ from my RE clinic now.
I will be checking back and trying to find out how everyone is doing here.
I have an extra load these days caring for an elder, which takes most of my energy besides my adorable growing baby… time for new belly pics!!
Best of wishes to all of you!!


Just think positive and take your time to keep yourself healthy and vibrant for this new cycle! All things will work out!


Hi Ladies,

I have moved over to the Facebook group. It is NOT public group. Sadly, my hubby searched on my name and a number of posts I made here popped up. I plan on deleting as much as I can from this site. Whether or not they correct that issue in the future is not a risk I will take. I keep hearing that Facebook group is public. Our group is invite only and the members there are all the members from the donor thread here. It is NOT a public forum. It is quite easy to navigate from my device you might be using. This site is not user-friendly anymore and sadly many have left.

Being that this site was a huge source of support for me during my journey, I understand the importance of having the comfort and experience of the group at our fingertips. If any of you reconsider and would like to join us on Facebook… we will be waiting!

I wish all of you the best in your journeys. I have made amazing connections here and continued over to Facebook.


I had an awesome experience at our first u/s. The baby is growing beautifully with NO concerns whatsoever!! thank you!


angelalms- Well Nov. is here so I am wishing you the best. Desiree- Do we know each other outside this site?? So I’ve started my second BCP and take my Lupron shot in 10 days. I just need to survive all the work and school work creeping on me right now. I just can’t wait to go to Cancun. Baby Dust to everyone, My11:11 any news yet. You were doing something on St. Hollows Day.


hi everyone. long time no chat. ivw been having a terrible time trying to post on here… small update from me. I am done birth control and have been taking lupron for the last week. I go for ultrasound and bw this friday for a suppression check then if all is well start estrogen patches. planned et nov 27 or 28. out of our 6 eggs we got 2 beauriful 5AA blasts waiting for us. pretty excited. praying it works… mywish: congrats on being pupo!! how many did you transfer? what grading? r u going to test early??


This thread is waaayyy too quiet. It’s a little depressing. I am 4 days into estrogen therapy. I am on the patches. I am having my transfer either on Nov 27 or 29th as long as my lining is good. I’m scared my lining might be crappy. It’s always been ok in past cycles…but…there’s a first for everything. Congratulations on the wonderful beta’s! When is your first ultrasound? Also, does anyone know what the FB search is to access the online DE group? Angela


Wow this is getting hard…I feel like the US Govt. might have worked with the blog…Fix it up or you’ll really start losing folks. So I finally get my Lupron shot in the morning!!! I know I must be relaxed when are only concern is finding activities in Cancun for the 5 year old. We were looking online and the minimum age is 6 on all of the family tours. So of course, she is not happy because her big sister of 6 can do everything and she feels left out. I told her I’ll take her just for a mamma and me outing? Spoke with the Dr. in Cancun, everything is ready…We do like that 80% success with donor egg. I’ve been having dreams and they pursuit of a boy with the gender selection just doesn’t feel like it will happen. Hey 6 girls…At least we know what to expect. HA!!!


Hi all. I’m on day one of estrogen patch and pills. For some reason I’m very anxious about any side effects from these meds. I did a round of IVF w/my own eggs and seemed fine with the meds I took then, but for some reason I’m nervous about the estrogen. Any words of encouragement would be appreciated!! Thx.


Hello from the lovely Cancun. The DE had 12 eggs, 19 fert. The Dr. wants to transfer on day 6?? The clinic/hospital are incredible, staff is great too. The rest of the family leave in the morning and I do the transfer on Wed. or Thur. and come home on Frid. What a great vacation for the family and my DH is planning for the next one. I highly reccom. Irega Clinic in Cancun.