Delay in TTC?


Hello- I miscarried in November and we are going to TTC again in January. My D/C was on 11/29/11. I am starting prometrium on December 27th to help get my period. I am expecting to start my cycle in mid January. I am still getting a positive preggo test on a HPT. It is a very faint line, but obviously there is still some HCG still there. My question is, will this delay us TTC ?



First of all, I’m sorry for your loss :grouphug: . I think you’ll get different advice from different people on this, but it probably depends on how you’re ttc. If it’s the “all-natural” way, I’d say go for it. You chances may be lower than if your HCG was down to 0, but no harm done. If you’re spending money on IUI or IVF, your RE might advise you to wait. After all, I wouldn’t want even a small decrease in success rate if I was spending thousands of dollars on IVF. A similar thing happened to us. We m/ced our chemical pregnancy in mid-September last year and really wanted to get another IVF cycle in before the new year, but my beta levels took over 2 months to get back to 0. It was really frustrating, especially becuase we then had to wait another 2 months because of the holidays and lab closure and things. But, if I’d pushed the RE and the cycle had been unsuccessful, I’d have always wondered if just waiting that extra month or two would have made the difference…

Good luck with whatever you decide!


My RE wanted me to do 2 months of oral meds and Ovidrel… so Femara and Ovidrel before jumping into anything more intensive, so that is what our plan is for January/February…

I hope this doesn’t delay anything… :cross:

Thanks for your response :slight_smile: