Delayed AF


So I had my IUI back on 10/30/10. I got BFN on CD 28, 30 and 32. I was taking Prometrium until CD 28 but I’m at CD 34 and no AF. Anyone else have this problem? Is it the hormones, the iui or just me?


Hey I’m right there with you stopped bcps on Saturday so the evil witch should have been here Tuesday. And still I’m waiting but this week there are worse things for me to worry about.


My RE office told me the first cycle with Prometrium that :af: should show up 2-3 days after the last dose is taken. If its longer then that, they might have you come in. Good luck!


Thank you all! I guess I should have waited one more day before I posted because :af: showed late this afternoon. So apparently 6 days was the appropriate amount of time for my body to kick back in to gear. Now I’m keeping my fingers crossed for my day 3 u/s this Saturday. Thanks again!