Dental Work at 19 weeks of pregnancy


Hello Ladies

After struggling for 3 years with Infertility, I am currently pregnant at 19 weeks.

I started having some toothache and I went to the Dentist last week. He suggested me to get the wisdom tooth extracted as I had a huge cavity.Dentist suggested tooth extraction as my wisdom teeth can lead to infections if left untreated. Dentist also spoke to my OB who agreed to let me have the procedure as I am in my second trimester.

However when I went to my dentist last thursday, he gave me an anesthetic which caused my heart beat to go high for 5 mins. I was completely alright after 5 mins. When I did my research yesterday I found that out my dentist gave me lidocaine with epinephrine. I am just so concerned that it might affect my baby. I am also going to speak with my OB tomorrow. Are there anyone who has experienced having this medication during pregnancy?
Please suggest as I am very worried.


I have no experience With this. However while not the preferred lidocaine and epinephrine can be used on newborns. I’d say as long as your little ones heart rate is good at your next check- your fine. I’ve seen much more contriverasal Meds used durring pregnancy with no I’ll effects to the baby. Good luck!


I think you’re just fine. You can talk to your OB if you want for reassurance, but he or she already cleared you for the procedure–they’re old hands at this. Honestly, a fetus is pretty hardy, especially in the face of one-time things like that. Not getting the procedure could actually have been very dangerous to you and to the baby, and I think you made the right decision. And the dentist would not have taken the risk of the procedure if he or she didn’t think so as well. Dental health is incredibly important!


Thanks Ladies so much

Gurlnumber8,Kashiruvana: Thanks to both of you. I spoke to my OB and he said it is fine. I also had Heart rate check and he is doing fine.
Thanks for your replies and it definitely gave me peace of mind before I spoke to my OB.

Kashiruvana: My OB said the same thing, getting the procedure was more important.

Congrats for your pregnancies as well!