Depressed :(


So DH and I have decided to try for #2 and so we went in for my day 3 BW expecting it to come back normal but it didn’t. My FSH came back at 10.5 and my TSH-Tyroid levels were 4.4!!! I was so upset! I was in tears as I tried to tell my DH. So my question is is my FSH horrible and also can anything be undone to help my thyroid to help us get pregnant?


Your TSH can be corrected with medication. That’s really of no concern because it can be corrected.
I also had high FSH and was still able to have a successful IVF. I was told FSH alone was a poor indicator of egg quality. You may have less eggs but they can still be of great quality and that’s all that really matters.
Don’t give up hope for baby #2. It can be done. It may just have to wait a bit longer til you get your TSH levels in the right range.


Thyroid can be corrected with medication. Your RE just needs to work with you to find the right dosage.


Did they do an antral follicle count with your u/s? I just had this conversation with my nurse today. My FSH was 9.5. She said some of the doctors (in their practice), like to see below 8, some like to see below 10. But she said that it also matters what your follicle count is. If your follicle count was, say, 0 or 1, and your FSH was that high, it could be bad. My follicle count was 8, so it’s not too bad. A lot of things come into play here. Have you talked to your RE about it?


Thyroid can easily be medicated. That problem solved. As for FSH try acupuncture, healthy diet and excercise and have it tested again once your thyroid is balanced. These hormone levels can affect each other, so get one back in balance and see if the other follows suit. All hope is not lost. I was diagnosed as a poor responder and diminished ovarian reserve but with lifestyle changes I’m not pregnant a second time (this time it is sticking!)


Don’t be depressed! You are still young and lot can be achieved with a little treatment and care. I have been suffering from Thyroid disease for more than 8years now. I have autoimmune disease…which basically means that the antibodies in my body attacks the thyroid. So my thyroid never stays at one level with treatment. I have to get myself checked every two months and get the dosage adjusted. Regardless with that it has been under control for all these years.
When I started my IVF process, just like you I found out that my FSH was high…wayy high. 11.3 to be exact. My RE asked me to start taking DHEA for 6 months to improve it and to improve the egg quality. DHEA is available over the counter. I ordered it on Amazon. The 4th month my FSH and AMH levels had improved. So that might be something to look into.

I have 1year old healthy twins after 5 natural conceotions and m/c. Hope it helps!