Just got phone call that the other couple who was going to do a shared program dropped out. Now I have to wait until they find another couple… I really wanted to do this over the summer! Now I have to decide if I want to wait or find the entire amount and do it by myself!!! UGG! I just want to keep moving forward!


I’m sorry to hear that! I know how frustrating it is! My first DE IVF 3 years ago my donor went in for her first u/s and they found out she was pregnant!
:cross: that you match again very soon!!


Amy- I would call the clinic and ask them if there are any number of patients that may be interested in the shared risk with this donor as you want to cycle ASAP? You never know, someone could walk in the door this week as a new patient.
Hope you don’t have to wait long and know the advantages of doing a shared cycle! :grouphug:


This whole process of donor egg stuff is SO complicated. I’m sorry the other couple bowed out! Hope the best for either finding a new couple to share the process with you or going at it alone! Either way, no one can really understand the emotional ups and downs of this whole process like those of us on this board. Hugs and good vibes!!!


Thank you all for hearing my vent… Update. The eggdonation place called and my RE found another couple and they seem pretty excited and ready to go…
I am so ready to move forward and having to wait for another couple has been hard… When we suffer for so long with infertility we just want the security of knowing there is a tomorrow. Not knowing if another couple was out there made me feel depressed and anxious. Now I feel renewed knowing the process has not stopped and that I am moving forward!!


That’s great news, Amy! Good luck!