Determined caused the blockages


Hi all! I’m new to this online community…A little background on me: I’m 28, I found out 3 years ago that my fallopian tubes are blocked. My gyn was removing a mass from my right ovary when she discovered the obstructions. When I was 12 my appendix burst and this is what my doctor has determined caused the blockages. I had an HSG and none of the dye passed thru my tubes. Now, 3 years later I have a wonderful supportive husband and we are about to go to our first appt with a fertility specialist on April 1st. I’m hopeful that he will have some good news for us. Any words of advice or any helpful information would be appreciated!!! :pray:


Best of luck! I don’t know what that kind of blockage is like, but I absolutely encourage you to discuss the possibility of unblocking them surgically with your RE, and possibly get a second opinion. See, a lot of REs don’t even try to unblock tubes if the HSG dye doesn’t do it, but some blockages can be fixed and you can go on to get pregnant without IVF. Not all can be fixed, though, so you have to find out which one yours is. But yeah, some doctors just go right to IVF, and I think not enough people realize that they may have another option.

Either way, though, congratulations on going to see a fertility specialist! Think of it as being “T minus X number of weeks pregnant”! :.) (Apparently, I’m in a Pollyanna mood today. I’m not usually this chipper. But good luck to you!)


Thank you!!! I need all the positive upbeat Pollyannaish vibes I can get!!! I’m hoping they will be able to unblock them!