DH have been TTC for 2 years



My name is Michelle and me and my DH have been TTC for 2 years come Halloween. I am 32 and my DH is 27. We just recently started seeing an RE at the Cleveland Clinic in OH. I was given the normal blood work and nothing came back (not insulin resistant as suspected). So far he has me on Clomid 200mg with an Ovidrel trigger shot.

I took the Clomid (this is not my first round as my gyno tried this with no success).

I had an ultrasound on day cd11, cd 15, and cd21. Finally today (cd21) I have a 15mm follicle and a 17mm follicle so he is going to allow me to take the Ovidrel tomorrow night.

Has anyone else triggered so late (cd22)??

Happy to be here :slight_smile: