DH is worried about having sex.


Okay, so my pregnancy started off a bit scarey so it made sense that DH and I weren’t even thinking about having sex… but I was realizing the other day that it’s been a looooong time now… pretty much since we found out I was pregnant and the doc was worried about things… a few months? So I said something to DH the other night and he said that he just didn’t want to do anything that would hurt the baby. He was worried that our making love would do something to the baby. I hadn’t really thought about it, but I don’t remember the RE saying anything about our not doing anything. Anyway, I was just curious if anyone else had issues once they finally got pregnant. I will be in the doctor’s office on Friday for my NT scan and will ask them then.

And on a side note - only 4 more days of the progesterone suppositories!!! Yeah… :slight_smile:


I think that is very common amongst the newly pregnant. However, the baby is nice and safe inside your uterus, and sorry to say it gentleman, no penis is big enough to knock the little fetus loose!!!
As long as your doctor didn’t put you on restriction for something like placenta previa, subchorionic hemorhage, etc…I say go out and buy yourself some sexy lingerie and surprise the hubby :slight_smile:


I never had any restrictions and we had sex from start to finish (including 2ww and the weekend before induction) without any problems. We definitely had to be creative near the end, but there is absolutely no risk (unless your doctor told you not to for some reason). I definitely get why people worry though, especially when we’ve tried so hard to get pregnant and have babies.


DH and I ended up having only very sporadic sex while I was pregnant, only because every time we did I’d spot, and sometimes really bleed. We knew it was just irritating my cervix, which was then bleeding, but it made both of us too nervous to do very frequently. But let me tell you, the 6 week postpartum ok resulted in a very good night :woohoo: .


Thanks everyone. It’s nice to know that other people are going through the same thing. I don’t have any restrictions from the doctor - but I was thinking that part of the issue is the stupid Progesterone suppositories that I had to take twice a day… DH was afraid that it would do something to them if we had sex. We’ll be seeing the doc on Friday when we have the NT Scan and we’ll ask. I’m sure they will put his mind at ease… I will take the suggestion of getting something sexy to wear and am planning on surprising DH on Saturday night. Looking forward to it! :slight_smile:


I just need some clarification here about the whole sex while pregnant thing…

I am a little over 4 weeks pregnant and we have our first u/s on Sat. DH and I have not had sex since before our IUI. We have both just been so worried about doing anything to hurt our little bean. Should we wait until after our u/s to ask the RE about having sex? We both want to, but I just want to make sure it is okay.

Also, is it okay to have an organsim while pregnant? I thought that caused the uterus to contract?

Sorry for all the crazy questions, but I am so worried about hurting our baby that we worked so hard at bringing into the world. Thanks!


Thanks for the reply Essemkay. So should I wait until the u/s then? Can they tell if I have placenta previa that early?


Tiffany- 4 weeks is too early for the placenta to be an issue. I would call the RE. I know my RE gets calls about sex all the time. Most women have sex will pregnant with out any issue. Yes the uterus contracts with orgasm, but it is normal for the uterus to contract (that is what all that cramping is) in a normal pregnancy it is no issue. Because we are not normal when it comes to fertility some RE’s like to wait to allow sex till after the first U/S. I personally would give then a call and ask if there are any restrictions on sex. No biggy. Good luck


this early you don’t have much of a placenta and even if it is considered low it moves a lot during the first few months. Especially between weeks 11-12 for some reason… ?
no reason to worry about that until much later!
Good luck!