DHEA dosage?


Hi everyone,
I posted as a reply to a different thread, but not sure if it’s better to start to a new one. :slight_smile:
I haven’t yet seen an RE yet (our appointment is next week), but I did start taking DHEA 75 mg a day starting a week and a half ago. A few days after starting, I had bloodwork done with my regular doctor (we were worried I was hyperthyroid as my TSH has been low on last couple tests). My TSH is normal now (yay), but she said my DHEA level was super high- 800 or so. Testosterone is a little high (was low before), at 115. Has anyone else had levels this high when on DHEA supplementation? Is it normal? (I’m just not sure what the level should be when supplementing for DOR). She said I should stop until I see the RE on Tuesday.

For those of you taking it, do you know what the blood level should be for DHEA on this supplementation, or testosterone? I’m wondering if being this high is where they want it to be, or if I should scale back. (I’ll also ask the RE on Tuesday, just thought I’d see if any here had advice). :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone!


Sorry I don’t know what the “normal” levels are suppose to be but I did want to offer some encouragement. I was on the same dosage of DHEA for 3 months prior to my last (& successful) cycle. There was a huge difference cycles after taking the supplement. I suspect that the DHEA levels would be higher is someone taking a supplement. My bottle states only 25 mg as recommended dosage, of which I tripled per RE instruction. Good Luck. In all the things I did different, I really believe the DHEA was probably the most beneficial.


Emma, That’s wonderful! Congratulations! That is great news and very encouraging. :slight_smile:
I’m very optimistic about the DHEA.



My RE told me 25mg 3x a day is what they prescribe… I asked about over the counter DHEA and he said it is not as good as the compounded DHEA. I’m sure what you have is fine to start, but when you go to your RE I’d ask him/her about getting an RX for the good stuff :slight_smile: He also mentioned Melatonin… Not sure if that’s just to relax you at night so you get solid sleep?? Every little thing helps!

Also ask about Royal Jelly/Bee Pollen I hear great things and will be starting that IF I have to do another cycle (2ww now)


Thank you! I will definitely ask about the other supplements as well. Good luck to you!



Hi ladies,
I wanted to bump this thread. I met with the RE this morning who said he doesn’t prescribe DHEA and he doesn’t seem to know much about it (he said I could go ahead and stay on it), but my concern is whether I’m taking too much (and he doesn’t know).

For those of you whose REs prescribed DHEA, did you do regular bloodwork to test your testosterone and DHEA levels? Did your testosterone ever go up to 115 or higher, or DHEA above 800? I have no idea whether I’m a little too high right now, or if I’d supposed to be this high! :slight_smile:

Thanks so much!


Hi Bea,

I also take DHEA 75mg. a day. (Although I take the over-the-counter stuff). I dunno where to get the “compounded version.” Can anyone give us that information?

I do think your testosterone is a little high. They didn’t want my total testoterone over 70 because they said then it could interfere with conception. But different labs probably have different scales. Ask your lab to give you some “normal” parameters. If you’re higher than the normal range, you may want to think about lowering your DHEA dosage.

Good luck! DHEA seemed to really help me during my IUIs but I didn’t have the best response for my current IVF cycle, but maybe my egg quality is good. We’ll see tomorrow…


Hi Sara,
Thanks so much! I am definitely over the limit for normal, so I am going to cut back to 50 mg a day. Did they say anything about where they want the DHEA level to be? (Did they test that on you)?

Did you have ER yesterday? Good luck!!! I’m crossing fingers. :slight_smile:



BEA- My Acupuncturist who specializes in fertility issues did an adrenal (sp) test on me. Had to put a swab of cotton under my tongue 4x throughout the one day of testing and then send it to lab for results. My DHEA was on the low end of normal so I’m doing a DHEA spray 20mg 3x a day that I got from her.

Compounding Pharmacies are who you’d look for to take your RX for DHEA in the better grade… My RE said over the counter isn’t as precise and so too much flux. One out here in SF area is called Golden Gate Pharmacy in San Rafael… not sure of their number… they ship anywhere too.


Thanks! Sounds like I should make an appointment with a naturopath/acupuncturist, maybe they’d know more about the DHEA and dosing than my RE? (It just seems like he doesn’t really believe in it). And hopefully then I can get it from a compounding pharmacy.

Good to know, thanks!


Thanks! Sounds like I should make an appointment with a naturopath/acupuncturist, maybe they’d know more about the DHEA and dosing than my RE? (It just seems like he doesn’t really believe in it). And hopefully then I can get it from a compounding pharmacy.

Good to know, thanks!

You’d still need to get the RX from your RE. I don’t know what “level” my spray is… maybe in between RX and Over the counter?? RE’s usually don’t put a lot of weight on it if they don’t know enough about it… CCRM believes in it and their success rates are 10% higher than anyone else in the country… so I’m going with them :slight_smile: My old RE here in SF said it improves results by 1 or 2 follicles… but for some… that’s worth it! You want to make sure you check your adrenals, since she also gave me a cream to put on (back of knees) to improve cortizol levels?? I think that’s what it’s for… all part of the DHEA world… I can find out exactly if you need…



Sigh, the RE (we just met him for the first time today), seems to be nice, and he’s listed as someone who is high fsh friendly on the highfshinfo.com site. :slight_smile: But he definitely didn’t seem to think much of the DHEA. We’ll see if he gives me an Rx!

That would be great if you could tell me more about the cream! Thank you! And fingers crossed for you! :slight_smile:

I figure we’ll give it a few tries here, and if not, then off to CCRM too!