DHEA - FSH decrease & AMH Increase!


I have been taking DHEA now for over a year (75 mg/day). I started taking it in the fall 2012 when on my second IVF attempt my body was unresponsive. Spring 2012 my AMH was 1.7 and FSH 10.7. Then February 2013 after several months of DHEA the numbers got WORST AMH .33 & FSH 10.9. Our 3rd IVF attempt did not go well with only 1 egg out of 4 fertilizing and a BFN. We are preparing to do our next IVF attempt and my numbers as of a few weeks ago have improved! AMH 1.2 and FSH the lowest it has ever been at 6.8. I wanted to see if anyone else has seen similar effects and if you had a better cycle or perhaps a BFP after seeing the numbers improve.


I had slight improvements in my numbers with DHEA as well. I got lucky on my 3rd attempt but I also lost a bunch of weight (20 lbs), started acupuncture, and used the circle and bloom meditation. I was already on CoQ10 and PNV previously so nothing changed there but we were told we were wasting our time and money but I’m now 18 weeks with twins. Hang in there!!!