DHEA OTC availibility in USA



This is our first day on that forum. We did our first IVF, with a negative result received 2 days ago. My wife’s gynecologist gave her a DHEA prescription. We live in Canada, where DHEA can only be obtained with a prescription. And it is a lot more expensive than in USA - more than 10 times. I found that major US drugstores do not ship DHEA to Canada. As we live in Quebec, not too far from US border, we are thinking of going directly to a drugstore in US to buy DHEA over-the-counter. My question is: do you know any store near Plattsburgh NY or Burlington VT that sells DHEA OTC?

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Any GNC would. Most Rite Aid Pharmacy’s with GNCs in store should, in fact most pharmacies will carry it in their supplement aisle. I think I even bought some at Walmart too. Good luck. While I don’t know if DHEA was the reason for my success, its use was the only thing consistent between my two successful cycles.


I got mine from Vitamin Shoppe, and it was a micronized version.

Good luck!


I got mine from Amazon, super cheap and good quality. Definitely get the micronized. I’m sorry to hear about your IVF cycle, I hope this is just what you need!


Thank you very much for your answers, we sincerely appreciate. We will go to US soon to buy it. BTW, do you recommend any particular brand, and do you know any that we should avoid?

Thanks again!


Hi Marc,

I took this DHEA


They sell at Vitamin Shoppe but in my town they only keep 2 bottles on shelf. BTW they match online price.

Good luck!!


This is the one that I have taken before


Thank you very much for all your answers. We sincerly appreciate.

Good luck to all!