Diagnostic Hysteroscopy - not fun


Today I had a diagnostic hysteroscopy performed at a surgical center. The actual procedure took about 8 minutes only but the whole process was rather long and left me with a good bit of cramping.

Apparently I have some scars in a small localized area but otherwise the uterus looks healthy. The doctor wants to do a procedure via hysteroscopy to remove the scars. But I would rather not go through it unless I absolutely have to. Firstly I do not know (and the doc was a bit puzzled) about the origin of the scars - i never had an former procedures done on the uterus, no miscarriages. Many people seem to report that getting invasive procedures tends to give them even more scars. Make me nervous!

Anyways, for someone looking for info on the procedure, here is my experience: I had the procedure done without sedation/anesthesia. As the process was happening the docs constantly monitored my vitals.

Its started off like a pap smear with a speculum-like instrument inserted in the cervix. The doctor then filled my uterus with sterile water and inserted the camera in. The process hurt but the pain was bearable. As he started moving the camera around the uterine cavity, a screen showed the interiors. After looking through, he also collected some endometrium samples for biopsy.

I did not take antibiotics or painkiller. I had cramping for several hours after the procedure and some discharge like CD3. Otherwise I am doing fine (except that I now have this scar to worry about).

With the procedure I am so sore that I hardly feel like BDing! Hope this cycle doesn’t go bust!