Did any one spot at 10pt and then go on to get a bfp?


Hi evrybody… I am really confused… today i am 12dp3dt… on the night of 10dpt i had a tiny 1 very very small drop of brown blood on the tip of the applicator of crinone gel… Then the following day went on wit no such spot… again on the night of 11dpt i had dark brown clots of crinone coming out… today 12dpt early in the morning i noticed bright blood when i wiped and no more blood after that till nw… but the dark brown heap like crinone gel discharge is still there coming out(looks like dust)… the hpt’s at 10 and 11 dpt were negative… today i have given my blood for beta hcg… nd i will be back wit my results in few more hours…
It seems for me am out of the game already and its all over??? can anybody give some positive insight on this so that i can still hold some hope that i may get a :bfp: !!!


Hey Hun, I read on here that spotting is a good sign. Try to stay positive :flower: Good luck and I hope you get your :bfp: :bsv: :bsv: :bsv:


I had bfn’s with my first pregnancy the morning of and even after taking my beta. The blood showed positive. Sometimes the number is low but good enough and if it doubles its perfect.

Witt the bleeding- I remember crinone upset my cervix. I often had brown crap. My RE told me to scoop it out in the shower. Gotta remember in pregnancy there is an increase in blood flow to the cervix/ uterus. Your not out out yet.
Make sure they check your p4. Keep us posted.


Dear all !!! Thanku for all ur soothing words and support!!!
nd wit me here, i got a negative beta!! also got my af last night… so again into a new cycle nw… :pray:
Goodluck to evr1 who r awaiting a :bfp: …
BABY DUST to all lovely TTC ladies!!! :bsv: