Did clomid change your cycle length?


I am currently on CD29 and still no AF. This is really unusual for me. I had B/W Friday PG test and it was a BFN. I have read Clomid can change your cycle time, shorten it or lengthen it, just wondering by how much?


It lengthened mine. Clomid is also used to help with the luteal phase. My Cycle went from 28 days to about 32


Round 1 was perfect 28 days. Round 2 was 31 days. I’m currently on round 3 and I’m day 26…so no idea when/if I’ll start. Hopefully I won’t but you never know when AF will show her ugly face!


I’ve never had regular cycles because I have PCOS, but my first cycle of Clomid was 38 days. I’m currently on Day 30 and no sign of AF yet. I ovulated around day 23 so it looks like it is going to be another 38 day cycle.


Mine went from 30 day cycles to about 35. But it is variable and not the same for each person. I think it has some luteal phase correcting effect. But that would also depend on when you ovulate. For instance, last month on clomid I ovulated on CD 14 and my cycle was 30 days [normal for me without clomid too]. But this cycle I ovulated on CD24, so I would calculate my luteal phase to be 14 days from that day.