Did you BD after IUI?


I am on Gonal f 75unit with IUI. After my 1st IUI my RE told me that do BD at night on same day of IUI…
I would like to know if sex recommended on the day of IUI, is this going to increase the chances of BFP or this is something that should be avoided.


It is also recommended due to washed sperm not living very long and getting more sperm up there incase the IUI wasn’t timed correctly.


YES! The night of IUI, the next day, and then I do the day after that just in case!


Yes Yes Yes! We have been told to bd after IUI it can’t hurt your chances it can only make it better! And it does take a little of the stress out of the timing of everything knowing you will at least have something there the next few days. Good luck:babydust:


Ok, I have questions still about this topic, my RE specifically told me to not BD the night of trigger AND night of iui…something about his sperm messing things up?? We are using his frozen sperm…everything I see online says to BD night of iui and the days following. I’m so confused!! Has anyone ever been told this? We are triggering tonight and I don’t know what to do. I don’t see why BDing would make any difference if we are using frozen…