Did you go over due? How long past?


Today I am 40w3d. I am schedualed for a induction next Fri the 18th if she doesnt come before then. I am freaking out a bit about her health and weather or not she will be ok. I think this is partly because somebody I know, knows somebody that didnt go into labor until 41 weeks and then her son was born stillborn(he was alive at 40).

So did you or do you know anybody that went over due? By how much? Things turned out ok?


My BF was due 10/28, she delivered 11/5, happy healthy baby girl!!! Good luck :slight_smile:


I am only 37 weeks? but my dr said on Thursday that he feels that I am going to be overdue.
He said that we will wait for 5 days and then do induction. He even called the hospital to reserve Dec. 8
I am very upset over that too…


I had my baby by c-section at 40w5d – but induction was originally scheduled for 41 weeks (and that was at my insistance, they had originally offered me induction at 42 weeks and I just couldn’t bear the thought of waiting that long).

I do think that because she was post-term, she was just that much more alert and a better eater and sleeper. And she seems to hit most milestones on the early side.

Hope you’re not too uncomfortable, bluesky! I’ve been thinking about you!! :slight_smile:


[SIZE=3]A co worker of mine was due 10/27 and delivered (without induction, though) on 11/2. Healthy, cute and chubby little guy :slight_smile:

You’ll be fine. Don’t listen to horror stories…I know it’s tough not to. Just positive thoughts. You’re almost there. Ask your partner to give you a foot massage (close to Achilles there is a spot that can trigger labor) :slight_smile: Go for a long walk…or eat some Chinese (I hear that helps too) :nerd:



Might not have to wait until then. I have been informed that what I have been feeling since about 10 am might indeed be contractions.

That would be great, however my partner is still about 3 hours from home…I hope she decides now is the time.


I went 41w3d with no problems! I did end up with a c-section because her head was huge! She was very healthy and had no problems…

Hope your little one arrives soon!


I do fear she will have a big head. She is by the same donor as our toddler who had a big head that actually worried the docs when she was born. I told them it was just cause she is so smart.

She grew into it by 2, and I stand by my theory of smart. She was potty trained by 2.5 years, knows the ABC, can count up to 15, knows the days of the week, the months of the year, the standard colors plus some of the others.


Try not to worry about it! My mom went late with all three of her girls, and we were all just fine- some people just run a bit late… She was 2 days late, 6 days, and 12 days I believe.
The midwife group I go to lets people go as late as 12 days after the due date- they generally think that people/ docs are “too quick” to freak out if you don’t hit the mark exactly.

I have been expecting to go late, since I take after my Mom. So Dec 7th is the earliest I expect to go. At least that’s what I’m telling myself!

Good luck!


term for singletons is 38 to 42 weeks…past due is actually considered 42 plus…that being said, I went to 41 weks and 3 days with DD, her amniotic fluid level got a tiny bit low, I was induced and had the healthiest, strongest baby you can imagine. Super great nurser, strong muscles…amazing. So, hang in there. I just had twins on Monday, induced again, at 39w1d and I can’t believe how much less muscular and weaker they r …of course, they are perfect:-) and very strong for twins, but I am a big advocate for letting them cook a little longer if they aren’t ready to be born. You are doing great, mama!!!


My LO came on her own at 41 weeks. My doctor was going to let me go until 41 wks and 4 days, but luckily no induction was needed. Most FTMs go one week past their due date:)

Also- at the 41 week mark (the morning DD was born, coincidentally!) my doctor had me do an u/s to make sure everything was ok with the baby still. Sometimes if there are issues with the placenta, going late is dangerous, but as long as the placenta looks good, they usually don’t have a problem with you going to 41-42 weeks.