Did you have any after affects?


Hi all! For those of you who have done IVF did you have any after affects? Irregular periods, migraines, excessive weight gain? I appreciate your responses :slight_smile:


My first period after my ivf period was a bit delayed by about 1 week. I have recovered quiet well from ivf. The only downside was the horrific headaches but that was probably from the lupron. I did gain a few lbs during each cycle but have since lost. This is my 2nd month since my last failed ivf not taking any drugs and i feel amazing. It takes sometime but eventually i started feeling like myself again.


My period came a little later than usual (maybe a week late). I probably gained about 3-5 lbs during stims and lost it all within 2 weeks of the cycle failing. But I eat right and exercise. No other side effects.


My periods were normal before IVF and went right back to normal afterward. I gained 10 lbs with each IVF but lost that weight almost immediately. Mostly it was swelling and inflammation from OHSS. I do watch what I eat and am aware of my size because I donโ€™t want it to get away from me. I look back at pictures from 6 weeks post IVF and my face still looked really round. I had lost the weight but I guess I was still swollen. Basically within two weeks of the meds being out of my body I felt back to normal. Iโ€™m doing FET right now. Very easy so far!!!