Did your DH come to your transfer?


I told DH he didn’t have to come to the tranfer. When I had my mock ET I went alone and it was fine. But, just wondering do those of you who have a DH did he go? Did he go for the Beta test (do you find out at blood draw or do they call later?)

My DH came for ER of course but I haven’t tortured him with other appointments.


My dh came to transfer. My RE gives you Valium before transfer and I would need someone to drive me home. Which I would prefer be DH. If it doesn’t work I don’t think it’s mandatory. With my fresh transfer we thought DH would still be out of the country, so my mom was going to come, but he made it in time. He does not need to be there for the blood draws. Some ladies have them leave a message so you can hear the results together. You want get the results til later, my clinic is 2-3 hours after blood draw.


Yes, he came every time. Beta also. Delivery, God willing, in future, no!


I always had him there - I wanted him to be there when I “got pregnant”


If they dont come to transfer you have to get them to sign/notarize a thawing release form at my clinic. If they come thats great because then they just witness it and it doesnt have to be notarized. My DH couldnt come to my first transfer, but my mom brought me back and forth. I request valium because it hurts so much less when they transfer and I get major anxiety. DH did come to the last transfer. But his schedule is set 2 months in advance so its just based on luck whether or not he can come. But still someone should drive you. You want to be laying down that whole day if possible.


Well, mine has never come to a transfer (we’ve done four)! He was there for ER, of course - that’s a biggie. He has a busy schedule and it doesn’t bother me that he isn’t there. He’ll always be there when I really need him and delivery day is what counts! haha! My mom is free to pick me up after and make comfort food - It’s the best!

None of this is terribly romantic and neither my DH or I are trying to make it so. I don’t think his presence was necessary for our success. Of the four transfers, 2 have worked!

good luck!


My hubby is always with me for every doctor visit. Of course transfer is very important and he wants to see our little beans. He always hold my hand each time we do transfer and say how much he appreciate, iam going through this to make him daddy.


DH decided to take the day off. I have to admit I’m glad. It’s our first attempt so it will be nice just to have them there although I don’t know if he will want to come in the room LOL he came to one US and got all freaked out about coming in the room since they were going to use the wand LOL. But, I’m glad I asked because I would have felt OK either way knowing people do both. THANKS!