Diet and Supplements to improve IVF success


Hi I have had 3 IUI’s and 1 failed IVF last week. I am seeing the doctor on wednesday - have any of your doctors talked abut taking 75mg of DHEA daily for 12 weeks before starting IVF to help improve ovarian response as I have read this in a few places since? Also on diet have you been told to avoid spicy food and dairy during IVF? Plus read that wheatgerm, lots of greens, no beef, high citrus and various other things are important? Plus accupunture to improve ovarian blood supply and Yoga to improve pelvic blood flow? Would be great to hear what others have been told or found worked. Big thanks x


Hi… I have been avoiding gluten, chicken and lamb for the past two months… I have also been drinking full fat milk, full fat yoghurt, loads of green veggies, fish and fruits.

I am so excited to say that our second FET worked! I am pregnant and my follow up beta is next week :))

Not sure if the diet was the reason, but iam planning to stick to this diet for a while…


The only thing I did differently with the cycle that worked was I cut out all drinks and only drank water. For 5 months, I drank nothing but water. I ate normally (but fairly healthy). I really think the water helped. Having an insanely hydrated body makes everything work better, I think.


I was put on DHEA and CoQ10 this cycle to help my egg counts… I’m DOR.