Disappointed about SA results


Hi everyone,
DH and I are in the early stages of trying for #2. We had a successful IUI on our second try back in 2012. My RE recommended that we repeat the HSG tests, blood work semen analysis, etc. in case anything had changed so there wouldn’t be any surprises.

Turns out DH’s SA was “the worst it’s ever been”. He has always been borderline. You can see from my siggy that the count on the 2 IUI’s were great, but they weren’t bad either. This time the RE said that the count was 6 mil and 22% were moving, but just barely moving. He wants DH to repeat the test. He’s telling me that he’s unsure if we would be able to do the IUI with counts like that but I feel like I’ve seen much lower counts on IUI cycles.

Has anyone else experienced this? Is there anything you can recommend for DH to bring his count up?



If you DH is open to it, I would suggest supplements -like Fertilaid and Coq10. I believe males can take these with promising results. TCM herbs might also help.

I use DS and sperm/motility always varies but their cut off is 5 million…but the issue might be more with motility- you want them swimming in the right direction :slight_smile:

I would certainly look at supplements before considering anything else.


I agree, get him on some vitamins. Have him release every 3-4 days to train his body he needs to produce more sperm. Know that a mans body produces new sperm every 3 months. So starting vitamins will take 3 months to do anything to him. Also, a fever or change in diet can effect a mans sperm. Maybe get him into see a urologist that specializes in male infertility and have him get checked out.


this is going to sound weird but my hubby was taking a multi vitamin and that really helped too. My last cyce that got us preggers was our best ever :slight_smile: