Disappointment and worry


First of all a brief history… I’m 27 yrs old, been with the same wonderful man for 10 yrs (my HS sweetheart :)) and married for 4 of them. I have a history of ovarian cysts (started 2002) and have had surgery to remove them and scar tissue almost once a year for these past 9 yrs… Anywho… Since we got married we’ve been ttc with no success and unfortunately two years ago my right ovary was removed due to a large cyst that damaged it. I’ve tried clomid but still no luck… I feel like everyone is getting pregnant except me… Im trying to be positive and am even trying acupuncture for about three months now so we will see how it goes.


Hang in there I have a friend that had her ovary removed 2 years ago because she had a 4 pound cyst on it and she is pregnant now I don’t think she was even trying. I have had a cyst on my ovary but the last few years I haven’t been in pain until this month I am on day 33 on my cycle having cramps but no AF neg preg test a couple days ago so I am afraid it is another cyst:grr: prayers with you