Dissapearing positive results with First Response tests?


Anyone have experience with “dissapearing positives” using the First response tests?

I used to swear by these tests as being the most accurate and easy to read. Now I take it all back.

I did a test yesterday afternoon and as soon as the pee crossed the line the test immediately lit up dark pink showing 2 lines. It slowly faded over the next 5 minutes or so to a light pink line but still definatly a very light positive. By 10 minutes it was much lighter but still could barely see it even hours after that. This morning I looked at it and under the right light and angle you can still barely see a hint of line.

So, I tested again this morning with first morning urine and it did the exact same thing only the line stayed just a tiny bit darker but continued to fade out and now once again you have to really be looking for it to find it but I can only see (or maybe imagine) a hint of it.

I’ve been confused and frustrated all day wondering what it meant till I found another website that more and more people are seeing these “disapearing positives” even hours after the test was done.

It’s so frustrating to get your hopes up only to see it dissapear before your eyes. uhg.

Has this happened to anyone else?


The tests are specifically designed to be read within the 10 minute window. If you look on the box, you’ll see that it says not to try to analyze results after that. That’s because lines can appear or disappear for multiple and various reasons in the hours and days after you take the test, but that’s not the way the test was designed to be used so any result after the 10 minutes is not valid. It sounds like you’re pregnant!


I went out and bought another first response pack to see if it did the same thing. Nope. It worked properly and showed a :bfn: so I guess it’s true what they say “dissapearing positives” should be counted as negatives.


I have been pregnant four times, though I realize this is anecdotal evidence, but I have never had a true positive disappear. In fact I still have my tests that still show positive from all three of my previous pregnancies. Of course those were from 20, 15, & 13 yrs ago and were likely not FRER tests (I think two were clearblue). But so far with this pregnancy the first one I took, which was an FRER, still shows positive and I am nearly 35wks so…

Anyway, sorry you got some faulty ones and you turned out not to have a true BFP. :grr: I know how badly that sucks as I once got one that gave me a false positive though I questioned it because it had a strange white mark through it which I thought was odd. I went out and got a different brand the next day and it was negative so…I have been there. :grouphug:


Wow I’ve never heard of the FRER being faulty like that. I always thought they were the gold standard in HPTs.

I’m so sorry it gave you a response like that :frowning: