Do Fertility Lifetime Maximums carry across policies?


My husband and I work for different companies. We are fortunate to both have good insurance offerings at both employers. We are currently using my insurance plan (Aetna) for my fertility treatments. My plan offers a lifetime maximum coverage of $25000.

At my husband’s employer, he also has Aetna coverage, which has fertility benefits as well. So my question is, if I max out my $25000 on my plan, am I able to switch over to my Husband’s Aetna plan? Will the $25000 max I used up already on the Aetna plan w/ my employer be carried over to our new policy – or do we get to start from scratch?

I wasn’t sure how that would work, since we are dealing with insurance coverage at separate companies, but through the same insurance company (Aetna). I wasn’t sure if Aetna carried over coverage from another plan (based on my SS# or whatever), or if they would stand separately.

Anyone have experience with this?



I would love to know the answer to this too. I signed up for additional coverage with Obamacare- even though I had Blue Care Network coverage through my work. I had two completely separate policies- but the card ID had the same number but different group code.