Do HCG shots work?


My DH has extremely low levels of testosterone. His reproductive urologist first put him on a medication that was supposed to block to formation of estrogen and allow for natural testosterone to build up, but after a month of being on the med it did nothing to increase his testosterone levels.

During this month we did a postcoidal and DH did a SA and both came back not finding any swimmers.

So now the urologist has prescribed HCG shots - we’re in the process of trying to get it through our prescription coverage company - we finally got it approved an are now working on getting the mail order so we don’t have to pay $80/month - we’ll pay $125/3 months.

Anyways, my RE told us that even after taking these shots that we’ll only have a 50/50 shot of it working.

What have y’alls experiences been with taking HCG shots? Would taking Clomid be any better?

We can’t get into see the reproductive urologist until the end of this month so we haven’t been able to ask any of these questions…just wondering what our options are.