Do I need to increase Levothyroxine dosage?



I was diagnosed as hypothyroid and have been on 0.25 mcg of levothyroxine a day for almost two years now. In June 2012 my TSH levels were 0.91 but I had a chemical pregnancy. I got pregnant through IVF/FET in November 2012 and January 2013 but again had very early miscarriages. My TSH level is currently 1.75. Do you think I need to increase my levothyroxine dosage? I have a doctors appointment next week. If the doc does not agree would it be safe for me to adjust the dosage on my own?

Also, what could be the reason for an increase in TSH levels and is there anything I can do (other than adjust medication) to bring it down?


Pregnancy can increase TSH levels, even if you had early miscarriages, so your levels might go back down. I think it would be best to talk to your doctor about whether you should increase your dose. You might also want to talk about increasing your dose once you find out you’re pregnant again since TSH can spike almost immediately.
I know you didn’t asked this question, but I notice that you have an unusually high amount of miscarriages. Have you checked that out completely, such as testing for blood clotting factors and chromosomal translocations?


Careen is right. Do not adjust your dose without a dr or your RE advising it. I have secondary infertility due to Hypothyroidism that came on after the birth of my first son. During the time we were trying to get pregnant with our second, I started taking more of my Levoxyl thinking that would help. My OB and the RE told me for a pregnancy, it’s better to have your thyroid more on the slower side (in range is always preferred). Hyperthyroidism can cause early miscarriages. So the docs tend to err on the side of caution with the meds when you are trying to conceive or in very early pregnancy. Unfortunately, leveling out my dose to the correct one didn’t help us get pregnant, but the doc wouldn’t treat until it got back down into the normal range. Good luck, it will happen, just trust your docs they know what they are doing. Of course, ask about it, have them explain why. You’ll feel better, I know I did.


A normal value is under 3. I would not adjust it.


Thank you all for your replies.
[B]Careen[/B], I did have a whole bunch of tests done to check whether I had any problems with blood clotting and DH and I both had karyotyping done. Everything came back normal. I guess I am just looking for [B]anything[/B] that could explain our losses.

I will speak to my thyroid doctor next week and see what she has to say.