Do I stop taking DHEA with BFP?


After 3 miscarriages and 2 ectopic pregnancies resulting in the loss of my left tube and damaged right, I started taking DHEA in December. I had my last ectopic in October 2011 and have been TTC since then. I was trying to be ahead of the game if and when I could finally afford to do what I thought was an inevitable need for IVF. Surprise that my trying naturally finally worked (at least it hopefully has since I’m only 16dpo and had beta yesterday with hcg at 50). My understanding is that DHEA (beyond the other potential benefits) can help reduce miscarriage rates, but is that from continuing supplementing or from the benefits it has already provided to the egg quality from the previous months? So, basically, am I supposed to stop taking it once finding out that I’m pregnant? Please! Any help because I’m obsessing!!


My doc told me to stop taking DHEA once I became pregnant.


My doctor also told me to stop taking DHEA once I got my positive test.