Do Injectible IVF Meds Expire?


A friend of mine was offered free expired Injectible meds for her ivf cycle this month by her RE. She was told it would be fine. I thought the expired meds were no good?

Does anyone know if expired meds are less effective, or safe to use?


I wonder if they’re expired by a few months or a year or more. My brother (a pharmacist) says they’re ok for at least a few months if not longer. Over time, they will begin to lose potency, so I suppose maybe you’d have to take more…


luv4rachela- they expired in may and june of 2011…bravelle and menopur vials that aren’t mixed. That seems pretty old, or does it matter that they are powdered?

Thanks for the response…


I would reach out to the pharmacy. Most meds are ok for a period of time after the expiration. A specialty pharmacy specializing in fertility meds may have a good answer for you.


I am guessing they are probably ok. The reason I say this, and this is a TOTALLY different circumstance, but at work, we were doing bone marrows on ppl with expired lidocaine for over a yr! (We didn’t know it was expired at the time.) And to my knowledge, it worked the same as the fresh lidocaine. :open_mouth:
Your friend should use it soon. She might need a little more, but I don’t think it’s lost much potency, especially as a powder.
Also, my Menopur is powdered and not mixed, so that’s just fine. I mix it with a Qcap right before injecting. Never used Bravelle, so I’m not sure if it’s usually powdered.


I used donated meds from my RE one time and they seem to have the same effect on me as when I bought them for the other cycles. I think it was menapur. They were expired by a few months. My RE said that they were good for a while after the expiration date. But I would talk to a pharmicist that specializes in infertility if she is really worried.