Do medicated or natural fet after depot lupron?


I am thinking of doing depot lupron perhaps for 3 months. Is it better to do natural FET or medicated FET after that? Do you wait for AF before transfer?

I have some embryos frozen. Have had 3 transfers, 2 bfn and 1 chemical pregnancy. The chemical pregnancy was a natural FET. Have done 2 natural FET and 1 medicated FET. When I did medicated FET I had fluid in my uterus although it disappeared before transfer still bfn, wondering if the extra estrogen caused the fluid in the uterus.

That is why I am confused what to do . My RE prefers natural fet but I think most REs prefer medicated fet.I read it can take about 2-3 months for AF to arrive. If doing medicated will too much estrogen cause endo to grow again and cause fluid in the uterus.

Thank you.