Do most natural m/c result in contractions?


Monday I had an u/s down and it showed the heart beat had stopped. Wednesday it was confirmed. Today is saturday and I have a choice of a natural or d/c. I"m tired of doctors and want to let my body take care of it naturally. I’m worried about the blood loss and contractions.

Is it really that common to have contractions? Baby is measuring 6 weeks. I would have been / am 8 weeks on Monday.

Thanks. And this whole process sucks :grr:


Hi there, first off let me say that I am very sorry for your loss - I’ve had 2 MMCs and both times opted out of the D&C, taking cytotec to make things happen naturally - waiting around wasn’t an option for me, too upsetting… There were contraction like cramps definitely, but nothing like labour (I had a daughter naturally in 2008), and the blood is like the heaviest of heavy periods, lots of clots… You’ll want to be on the toilet a lot… I took Advil and Tylenol every couple hours.
Every one is different and it’s a personal choice, I didn’t want to be asleep and have, what I consider to be, a surgery.
Good luck and I hope that you heal quickly :slight_smile: