Do some Gold Plans with Obamacare cover IVF now?


Hi, I’m looking at the new plans offered in 2014 by Blue Cross Blue Shield in Michigan- and it says, at least for the Gold Premier PPO plan that covers “infertility treatments” but there are no specifics about whether IVF is included/excluded/limited. It looks like a really good deal but I can’t find the exact member benefits booklet. Does anyone know anything more about it???

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3 failed IUIs with Gonal F- super thin lining every time, ughhh
1 Failed IVF lupron microdose flare- converted to IUI
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Hi, I am not sure what it covers in Michigan ( I am in Pennsylvania) but I have the BCBS PPO and the 2014 packet said the same vague “infertility treatment” so of course I was excited and called to check what it covered. They told me it covered testing and some meds but did not cover IUI or IVF. So I said “so… it doesn’t actually cover treatment just tests to say if you need treatment” and they said yeah, pretty much. I was so bummed out. I thought I was finally catching a break but no :frowning: I recommend calling the blue cross help line and just ask what all your plan covers. Maybe you will have better luck in Michigan. Good luck to yo!


i am from PA too and i have highmark ppo blue through my husbands work and all i had to pay was my deductable of $300.00 and then my copayments on my meds and that’s it so all together i payed about $500.00 dollars i was in complete shock because my husband and i would not have been about to do ivf if it would not have payed for it so there all diffrent you would have to call and talk to the insurance about it


mammainwaiting thanks- I eventually had the same experience you did- BCBS said they covered some meds but no actual treatment :frowning: the only thing I can see changing with Obamacare for us in Michigan is that there can no longer be any lifetime maximums- so our prescription drug care plan gave us 5,000 towards infertility meds- but now they can’t limit that. I hear that to make up for those costs- they’ll just stop covering most infertility meds and exclude any coverage for any IVF related prescriptions. SO WATCH OUT. Thanks for the replies ladies.