Do you always feel ovulation pains?



I am a bit discouraged, because I had B2B IUI’s yesterday and today and have not felt any ovulation pains (unless those small cramps on my left side are an indication, which I just think of as the aftermath from the IUI this morning). Anyone have ever ovulated while on Clomid & Ovidrel trigger without ovulation pains?


I have never felt an ovulation pain. I don’t think all women can feel it!


Not everyone feels them and not every woman who does feel them will feel them each time. I often feel cramps/pain when I ovulate but I know I’ve ovulated and had no pain at all.


Don’t be discouraged. I think it depends on the woman. Long before TTC I had ovulation pains but never knew what they were until I started TTC. On Clomid I found that pain went from a 2 on a scale from 1-10 to a 20 but then again I’m on 200 mgs and each month I take Clomid the ovulation pains intensify even more.

I suspect the little cramps you feel could be ovulation pains but they just aren’t as intense to make you really take notice.