Doctors were very positive and supportive


If anyone is looking for affordable IVF in India, i would strongly suggest Mirage Search. This web site is based in Delhi ncr and have very positive results. My bhabhi went two and she got treated very well, now she has bbay boy. Doctors were very positive and supportive. We are so grateful to the team at Mirage Search. IVF and Surrogacy centre india team give us the chance to be parents that we would never have had without his help.his amazing team we have been blessed we both our boys- thank you just doesn’t seem to cover how grateful we are for all you’ve done to get us here.


If anyone want to know the best infertility clinics in India in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangalore, i would like to suggest, the site provides the list of top ten infertility clinics in each city in India.


Well, I should say docs in our clinic are also great !! We even didn’t expect this from the very beginning. The point is that this time we decided it to be an abroad fertility center. And we made our choice in favor of Ukrainian Biotexcom. We thought we’d have troubles in communication but still their offers were so good we couldn’t resist. :slight_smile: Currently we’re passing our DE IVF program. Docs being polite, understanding and supportive. I can call my counselor “day and night” if something troubles me. Great people they are !!
Lots of baby dust to everyone here!!


Hi SamanthaSun, it is great you have been satisfied. Indeed many docs who treat international patients are very friendly and supportive. My friends picked a clinic in Gdansk cause of affordable price and high success rates, but mainly cause of prof Lukashuk. Good luck with your treatment