Documentary Filmmaker and IVF veteran seeks subjects


Hello, nice to meet you ladies. My name is Amy and I have two boys – the first one by IVF and the second one came about naturally after two failed IVF cycles. Our infertility diagnosis was officially male factor. However, when we did IVF it turned out I was a poor responder with diminished ovarian reserve. Despite all of that we are now trying for our third child. Anyway, I am also a documentary filmmaker. For years I have been involved with lots of different projects and ignored the project that was nearest and dearest to me – infertility and assisted reproduction. However, now I have decided to come forward and embrace this topic and everything it means to me and also to tell the story of the growing infertility epidemic. To tell this story I am looking to meet other women like me. Women who have had to turn to assisted reproduction technology to build their families. I would love to talk to women who have had children with IUI and IVF and especially those who are still trying. Ideally I would love to talk to someone like me 6 years ago. Someone eager to conceive – but who doesn’t have a child yet and who is now turning to IVF to get the job done. Of course, I’d also love to track down people who are the result of ART. My son is still too young (and too wild) to be a good documentary subject. But a teenager (anyone over the age of 13 who is aware that their parents used ART to conceive them) would be someone who I would love to talk to. I’m expecting (based on my experience) that being a product of ART is not that important to the teen. But you never know. And it is always amazing when the stories are not what you expect. Anyway, so that is a little bit about me and my project. My aim is to talk with RE’s, acupuncturists, fertility scientists, patients and everyone to get a sense of the entire story of ART. I want to create the kind of documentary that I wish had existed when I first began this project. Oh – and I am willing to travel anywhere in the country to find a great subject. But I am currently located in California. Thank you for taking the time to listen to my story and to consider being a part of my project. If you have any questions – please feel free to contact me personally or to post and I will answer!:flower: