Does A High First Beta Mean A Stronger Pregnancy?


I had my first beta on 13dp5dt (FET) and my beta came came at 731. I’m so excited that I’m pregnant! :preg:
Does a higher beta mean multiples and/or a stronger pregnancy? I go for beta #2 in a few days…praying that it continues to rise.:pray:

Thank you!!


Congrats on your pregnancy! I don’t think a first high beta necessarily means anything, my first one was high (we thought maybe twins, 481 at 14 dpo) and it ended up a missed miscarriage (of just one). My second pregnancy was also high (700+ at 14 dpo) and was a healthy twin pregnancy. I think the better indication is doubling time. My first pregnancy started strong but then had horrible doubling time (over 100 hours), my second was fast doubling time. Hope you’re next beta is just as good as your first!


*your, not you’re. Sorry, that is going to bother me and for some reason I can’t edit my post.


Thank you!!! I’m praying for another great number for my second beta!!