Does accupuncture work?


I’m willing to try this, any success stories? Is it worth it?


I’ve used acupuncture for other things and it is undeniable that it works… but for fertility, I can’t say personally, and it’s so hard to say what makes for a successful cycle when you’re doing 700 different things to try and make it successful… but on here I’d say I’ve seen lots of mixed reviews.

I’d say if you can - do it. If you have to sell a kidney to pay for it - probably no harm done if you skip it.



I’m going to see how expensive it is, ill try almost anything!


Yeah definitely worth looking into at least.

To give you an idea, here in New York (outside the city) I pay $60 a session for carpel tunnel treatment (not sure if a fertility treatment would be more, less or the same), and I believe most insurances don’t pay for it.


I don’t know if it works or not. I started acupuncture in February. I have unexplained infertility (and old age), so there’s nothing specific to focus on - however, I had chemical pregnancies the last two months and just completed an IVF cycle where we had 16 eggs retrieved, compared to 7 and 6 on previous cycles. So, was it the acupuncture? The tong qui (sp?) he had me taking (I stopped taking it once I started the bcp for the IVF)? Something else? Who can say?


I believe for me acupuncture and herbs helped me. Before I even tried IVF I was doing both to help with egg quality. TMI alert- I can honestly say that my cervical fluid changed dramatically after doing acupuncture. Before when I would ovulate it would not be clear and stretchy it was more pasty with a tiny bit of stretchy fluid. You know how you should be able to take the fluid and between your thumb and index finger and stretch it out like rubber glue, mine did not do that at all. After about 3 months of the acupuncture I was shocked. I had so much stretchy egg white cervical fluid. We only got 5 eggs the first time because my left Ovary was too high up to get any from that side. My RE was SHOCKED that at 41 years old all 5 fertilized. I attribute a part of that to acupuncture. I don’t think it is a magic cure or magic bullet but I do think it helps with getting blood flowing to the uterus which helps the girl parts work better. Now that we are trying for baby 2, I definitely knew I was going to do acupuncture again. All of this to say, I don’t think acupuncture is going to be the end all be all, but it certainly can’t hurt.


Thank you for ur advice and insight, I am absolutely takiyng this into consideration, my infertility is unexplained as well, I’m worried its my stress n anxiety.


I know that acupuncture has helped clear up some chronic sinus problems I had so I think it’s worth a shot with fertility. I go to a community acupuncture clinic, there are a few of those here in DC - it’s not as nice as a regular clinic (you don’t get your own room or zen music or anything) - but it’s affordable (I pay $25) and the people are nice.


I was going to do IVF but when I heard the costs, my husband and I could definitely not afford it. I was in a free support group, led by Cynthia from and she attributed it to her success. With her advice and the help of my support group, we’re finally having a baby so I’m willing to tell the world to try it!


Hello, tried this once. In spite of my great fear for needles - everything sharp, you know. This was a challenge for me. I remember myself struggling with the fear. But unfortunately it brought me no success. As it turned out later my diagnosis was far from that curable with acupuncture…sorry.
May this try be ok for you x


I am sorry to know that. I know this post is old and the original poster is a happy mum now, but if you cannot afford ivf, I could recommend looking at overseas clinics (eg Czech, Poland-great success rates, ivf from 1 500 Euro, Russia, Ukraine or Spain, Greece, Cyprus- more expensive ivf destiantions)
Accupuncture - sorry can’t help with direct experiences, but I think it works, I have read about it here
Good luck xx