Does antral follicle count affect how many follies you'll produce?


Our initial RE appt was on CD21, and apparently I was pretty far from O’ing. I think I O’d about a week later. He said I had about 10+ follicles on each side, which was good, but that they were small at roughly 5mm to 6mm if he had to guess, with 1 follie being about 8mm. My lining was also pretty thin, indicating I hadn’t O’d yet.

Is that what is called my antral follicle count? Is it the same from the beginning of the cycle (so is what he saw on CD21 the same # he would have seen on CD3?)?

Does this # affect how many follies I’d produce once I start Clomid + IUI next month for my IUI?



your antral count is usually done on CD3 by vag ultrasound. it’s the number of immature follies they can count. this does NOT necessarily mean the number of follies you will grow during the cycle. and remember, there is not a mature egg in every follie…