Does anxiety decrease sperm count or motility


I recently had a SA done and my numbers are low:
2,5 ml
25 millions per ml
19% motility

I am 32 and my wife is 30, we have been trying for 6 months…
This whole thing is causing me stress and anxiety… i was wondering how anxiety affects sperm count… i am really afraid of getting caught up in this vicious cycle!



Hi Geass…

Stress and anxiety can harm your sperm counts. There’s lot of scientific data to support that statement!

The thing you need to know is that any change you do today in your lifestyle will take ~3months to be reflected (positively or negatively) on your counts. I know it’s easier said that done, but try to find ways to release stress. Do you excercise? that always helps. You can also try acupuncture, meditation, or yoga. The mere act of doing something to improve your anxiety levels will help you feel better (talking from personal experience here!).

You might want to start taking some multi-vitamins that might help improve your numbers. There’s nothing to lose and in my husband’s case we did see an improvement after he started taking Fertility Blend (~$23 for a one month supply in Amazon).

I hope this helps a little bit. Best of luck!!


Anxiety is one of factor that cause temporary low sperm count.



How does one relax when you are already anxious and then are told there is a problem with your sperm that may require surgery on your most sensitive piece of equipement?:grr: Seriously how? My husband has been a bundle of nerves this entire year due to seeking out a new job, stomach issues and now infertility. His doctor suggested putting him on anti-anxiety meds and when he told his doc about his low sperm count, he said it would only make things worse in that department. How is one supposed to relax after that? Any men have success with that?


My suggestion would be to try natural herbs and supplements. Try Dr Google then hit up GNC. I think b vitamins may help with anxiety or lecithin? Also try to workout or jog a few times per week. Good luck & stay positive. Always understand there are many men / women / couples that are experiencing these same issues. Your not alone.