Does anyone have any insight? CHILD MENTIONED


Wondering if anyone has any good ideas or thoughts re: what we should do. I feel like my RE has run out of ideas.

My husband and I have a child conceived from IVF in 2010. Trying for #2 for the past year. We did FET of remaining embryos from 2010 cycle and had one Chem Pregnancy and one BFN. Did two fresh cycles using microdose flare protocol – both BFN. Switched clinics and did antagonist protocol. Got 20 eggs, 12 mature, 6 went to blast, 3 CGH normals. Transferred the strongest two blasts (an A and a B) in an unmedicated FET cycle and got a chemical. Beta was 125 at 10dp5dt, rose to 170 on 12dpt, fell to 120 at 14dpt.

Some backstory – I’ve had 2 other chemical pregnancies. One when I was 20 years old and not TTC. One in 2008 when my husband and I were TTC. Also had an ectopic in 2000. During the ectopic OB found what he thought was a bicornuate uterus, which turned out to be a large septum that was removed in 2008. Drs. also found stage 1 endo which they removed at the same time.

We assumed that our problems were due to the uterine abnormality, but now I’m wondering if there’s an underlying immunological issue that needs to be addressed. I tested positive for thryoid antibodies in 2009 but was told that this was because I was on synthroid for mild hypothyroidism (my TSH was over 3 at one point). My TSH normalized after my pregnancy, and is now down to 1.5 - 2.1 and I’m off the synthroid. Also tested negative for APAs in 2009. Don’t know if I had NK testing done – can’t find it on chart if I did. Had karytope testing – came back normal. Do I need to repeat full immunological panel? What do you think is going on?

We have one frozen CGH normal embryo left but it is a C and I don’t even know if I should bother transferring it or do another fresh cycle.



[SIZE=3]I’m sorry to hear about your IF struggles. All of my labs have come back normal although for our FET I will be on Prednisone, Heparin, Baby Aspirin, Extra Folic Acid, CoQ10, Calcium and Magnesium & PIO. My background is one miscarriage at 11 weeks (19yrs of age), one blighted ovum (19yrs of age), Chemical Pg (25 yrs old), Chemical Pg (28 yrs old), Ectopic Pg ( 28yrs old). Needless to say we’re still childless. Our IVF ER went well. We have 7, 5 day snow babies all chromosomally normal. We’re hoping and praying the Prednisone and Heparin help us bring home our babies. I’d recommend trying these medications. Best wishes![/SIZE]


Good luck to you! Thanks!


I am so sorry, but it sounds like you and I have a pretty similar history.

I have had tons of testing, even karyotyping and everything has come back normal except that I have heterogeneous MTHFR mutation c677t/ a1298c - which should not cause a problem that B vitamins and folic acid + aspirin can’t fix.

What I am doing for my last 3 frosties is taking prednisone 10 mgs + claritin 10mg + pepcid 10 mgs per day starting 2 days prior to transfer and continuing through the tww. This is CCRM’s antihistimine protocol and should lower the immune response in the event that your body is fighting off the embryos.

Of course, most doctors just say that chemical pregnancies are a result of abnormal embryos, but I can’t believe we would have 4 in a row…


Maybe it was the hydrosalphinx. Don’t those stop the embryos from implanting?


possibly - but I didnt have it the entire time, and I had another chemical after having both tubes removed.


Were you ever tested for Beta 3 integrin? I am thinking of requesting it.