Does anyone have any success stories with a BFP that doesn't get any darker?


Has anyone had any luck with hpts that don’t get any darker? I’ve had a faint BFP since 5dp5dt. I had a hospital grade test which very slowly got slightly darker at 5.5dpt and 6dpt. But they took a long time to turn. Then I ran out of those tests and so I used FRER this morning and it was more faint than the hospital tests, which makes sense so that’s ok. But then tonight I held it since noon and took another test at 7pm. This one was another FRER and it was lighter than this morning. I’m getting concerned since my last pregnancy at 7dp5dt the line was definitely dark.


I’m 21 weeks pregnant with twins my lines didn’t get darker until after my second beta 14dp3dt. They showed up a little quicker each day. And about 12dp3dt it was slightly thicker but not darker for awhile.


Thank you so much for responding. This 2ww is tough!


You are not going to be able to tell the difference in just a few days. I had a beta that was increasing appropriately and the test was not darker. In fact, I think it was lighter.