Does endometrium play the same mind games that PIO does?


I know for sure that PIO because the progesterone mimics pregnancy symptoms. I want to believe that’s because the IM shot sends the progesterone directly into the blood
stream. Is the same true for endometrium suppositories? I ask because I am 9dp3dt and I feel A LOT of “symptoms”. I’m not ready to POAS. Trying to stay calm. What do you ladies think/know?


I had a load of side effects from the endometrium.I was constantly bloated and had terrible night sweats. I broke out pretty bad on my chest the first week of having them too. What kind of symptoms are you experiencing?? It seems like most of these medicines have the same effect as pregnancy.


Urgh! I was so hopeful that endometrium had minimal to no pregnancy-like side effects since it is localized and not as easily/quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. :pray: for a miracle! As for symptoms, my “girls” are heavy and tender, there is very clearly something going on in my abdomen area but I’m not sure how to describe it. I mean I’ve felt pulls and pings but it just feels plain heavy! I’ve had some vivid dreams, a few breakouts, moodiness to the 11th degree, and I could eat a horse! Clearly they could all be signs that :af: is on the way but I don’t really get a lot of symptoms during that time. :cross: